Money Burned On My Europe 2016 Trip

Hi guys, I just got back from Europe. Damn tiring trip…. walk and walk whole day….

As many of you guys know, I flew to London with Malaysia Airlines with my family on Business Class, where the tickets were worth about RM70,000, for “FREE” thanks to my Maybank 2 Cards Premier.

We landed at Heathrow Terminal 4 at around 6am. We then took another flight to Paris at 9.50am with Air France which also departed from Terminal 4 which made it very convenient.

FYI, if you are thinking of taking the train from London to Paris or vice-versa, check out Air France and you might be surprised that it may be much cheaper than taking the train!

Bought my wife (Tote), eldest daughter (Midsize Flap Handbag) and youngest daughter (Wallet On Chain) each a Chanel bag while in Paris.

Channel for the girls


And while we were in CDG, waiting to catch our flight back to London with Air France, my 3 children had balance Euro totaling to about EUR400 and they willingly gave it to my wife where she topped up another EUR200 and they all shared to get me a Hermes belt 🙂

Hermes Belt

Then while we were in London, GBP had dropped like hell, so I got wifey (Generation X) a Chanel Wallet, my second son (Generation Y) a Prada wallet (GBP300) and youngest daughter (Generation Z) a Dior wallet. I did not take a photo of my son’s Prada wallet.

Wife's Channel Wallet

Dior Wallet

I never knew that Dior wallets were so much cheaper than Chanel and almost the same price as Ferragamo. So I also bought my youngest daughter The Dior Classics “DIORISSIMO” Envolee Wallet for GBP340 including 12% Tax which I will get back later. I paid cash for the Dior Wallet since I had balance GBP and it was our last night in London.

If you ask me, I think my youngest daughter’s Dior Wallet with zipped compartment that cost GBP340 is a better buy than my son’s simple men’s Prada Wallet that cost me GBP300.

My wife’s Chanel wallet cost me GBP690 and the amount charged to my Maybank 2 Cards Premier Visa Infinite after conversion was RM3774.67. But I am supposed to get about 12% Tax Rebate (actually it will be about 11%) credited in my credit card account. Therefore, the Chanel wallet will eventually cost me less than RM3500.

I bought my son’s Prada wallet at Harrods whereas my wife’s Chanel wallet and my daughter’s Dior wallet were bought at Selfridges. I tell you, Selfridges is a nicer place to shop compared to Harrods which was like a market. Furthermore, Selfridges’ Customer Service Tax Refund Centre has a lounge with plenty of comfortable sofas. Harrods Customer Service Tax Refund, on the other hand, was horrible as there were not enough chairs so we had to stand while waiting to be served.