Search for Inner Peace – Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch Review

For the past 1 year, I have been thinking of getting an all black watch. Then a couple of weeks ago, I read that Tudor introduced the Black Bay Dark and that got me excited. I was still in Melbourne then and so happened my regular watch sales rep was on leave. So I called all the Tudor retailers in KL to see if they had stock. What I found out was that 3 Tudor retailers had the Tudor Black Bay Dark in stock but more importantly the discount rate varied between them.

When I returned to Kuala Lumpur last week, I went and checked out the Tudor Black Bay Dark on 5th December 2016 but I did not like the way it looked on my wrist!!! That kind of left me disappointed. However, on 6th December 2016, I came across a watch by Fortis which I loved very much but the watch was manufactured in 2011 and I have not heard of Fortis prior to that. My regular watch sales rep recommended two other black watches but they were not like love at first sight. So, my inner peace in respect to getting a black watch was in turmoil.

So, I seek guidance from my iFriends via Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

Below are what I posted at my Facebook Page on 6th December 2016:

Black Watches 2016 Rolex vs Zenith Tag

Last week I informed you guys that I was interested in the Tudor Black Bay Dark as I am thinking of getting a black watch. I actually went and tried it out on my wrist yesterday but somehow I did not like it. I was then recommended the Zentih Spindrift in Black. It was not love at first sight but I kind of prefer it over the Tudor Black Bay Dark.

Today pulak, I saw a watch that I really love, Fortis B42 Limited Edition where only 2012 pieces are made. But it is by a watch maker that I have never heard of before and it was introduced back in 2009!!!

I asked my regular watch dealer about the Fortis and she pulak advised me, for a few thousand Ringgit more, I can get a Tag Aquaracer in black!!!

The price of the above mentioned black coated watches are:

Fortis B42 LE Black about RM5.5K – New but manufactured in 2011!!!
Tudor Black Bay Dark about RM15K – New 2016.
Tag Heuer Aquaracer Black LE about RM10K – 2015 Model.
Zenith Spindrift Black about RM20K – 2014 Model.

With the above, my inner peace is now in turmoil!!

I then asked myself, if I am going to spend RM20K on a Zenith, I might as well get the new Rolex Air King made from Stainless Steel which will definitely outlast me for sure, i.e. the Rolex will still be ticking when I go to the next world, hahaha.

Some people do not like the new Air King dial but I actually like it as it is one of a kind. The Rolex Crown is in yellow, the Rolex word in green, the numbers 3, 6 & 9 in white gold and the other hour markers are in minutes!!! But I already got 2 stainless steel automatic watches,………..

So, I will appreciate if you guys can give me your opinion to guide me in my search for inner peace as far as getting a new watch is concerned ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, fifteen (15) iFriends of mine actually gave me feedback that guided me in deciding what watch to get ๐Ÿ™‚

ย Below is my Facebook post on 7th December 2016:

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit

I have found inner peace to my watch search thanks to many of you who took the trouble to guide me on the 4 options I presented ๐Ÿ™‚

And I have decided on the watches to get based on the 3 points below:

1. Rolex Air King is King – As recommended by Ong Ong, Tan Wm, Yee Li, Julius Wong, Danny Lai, Dwasno Eckree, Khee Kuan Chen.

2. Ong Ay Wei – Go for the 1st instinct…

3. Khee Kuan Chen – not forgetting Apple Watch! Lol.

When I first saw the Rolex Air King 116900 for the first time, I actually liked it but was not thinking of getting it as it is in stainless steel. So, I guess I should take Ong Ay Wei’s advised seriously because it I don’t get the Air King now, I will be dreaming of it for years to come, hahaha.

Prior to yesterday, I had no intention of getting a smartwatch as it needs to be recharge but it does more than tells time. Seriously, if you ask me, the traditional watch makers will one by one close down if they do not start introducing smartwatches. This is because I predict in the future everyone would be wearing a smartwatch just like everyone now uses a smartphone. Tag Heuer, Timex, Fossil, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, and Scuderia Ferrari are all already producing Smartwatches.

So, I decided that I should get the Rolex Air King and a Black Smartwatch. After some googling, I am now waiting for the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit with Black Casing to be officially launched in Malaysia that would cost around RM500 only. Currently in the USA it comes in Red or Black Strap but if you check out Alibaba, there are many strap options by 3rd parties already.

I would like to say thank you to Lo Nicole, Philix Ng. Xiang Wei Ng, Sherine Lee and Allen Sylvester too for taking the time to assist me in my search for inner peace ๐Ÿ™‚

So on 7th December 2016, my heart was at peace as I had decided to get the new 2016 Rolex Air King 116900 and a cheapo smartwatch that not only tells me the time but counts the steps I walk in a day, hahaha.

To be frank, prior to 6th December 2016, the thought of getting a smartwatch never crossed my mind until my iFriends Khee Kuan Chen mentioned Apple Watch and Julius Wong suggested that I could change the strap of a Rolex Air King (and in the process I can get a cheap smartwatch instead of spending lots of money on another black automatic watch). And while I was shopping for a watch early this week, I noticed that many watch shops were selling smartwatches! Fossil has several models and even Tag Heuer. I guess in the future, everyone will be wearing a smartwatch because it does more than tell you the time!!!

On 8th December 2016, I was damn free after lunch. So, I went googling again and this time I came across the new Samsung Gear S3 and immediately loved the design. By the time I read the reviews on the watch it was close to dinner time. I then called my regular handphone dealer and to my surprise she had 3 in stock and I immediately asked her to keep one for me.

My new toy…. Samsung Gear S3

Today, 9th December 2016, I dropped by my regular handphone dealer and bought the Samsung Gear S3 ๐Ÿ™‚ And best of all, it comes with 2 FREE extra straps and a Watch Box!!! I bought it with my Maybank Visa Infinite and opted for 0% 6 Months installment plan. So, with the retail price of RM1399, it works out that I will be only be paying RM233 for 6 months and as such I won’t even feel the damage as it would be negligible compared to my other credit card transactions.

Without further ado, here are live photos of my new all black watch and new toy:

Samsung S3 Unboxing

Samsung All Black Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 Face 1

Samsung Gear S3 Face 2

Samsung Gear S3 Face 3

Samsung Gear S3 Face 5

Samsung Gear S3 Face 7

I photoshop the Rolex logo into the above image, hahaha.

Samsung Gear S3 Free Gift Watch Box and Straps

And with the Step counter, hopefully from today onwards, I will walk more, hahaha.

I can even answer calls with the Samsung S3 since it has a built in speaker and mic ๐Ÿ™‚ No need to even touch my phone. Not only that, I can also reply WhatsApp with the Samsung Gear S3 using the in built keyboard!!!

For your info, the Samsung Gear S3 is connected to my Xiaomi Redmi 3. Initially my Xiaomi could not connect to the Samsung Gear S3. I needed to download 3 Samsungย  Apps before the watch could be connected to my Xiaomi, and they are Samsung Gear App, Samsung Accessory App and Samsung Plugin App.

The Xiaomi Redmi 3 is not listed by Samsung as one of the many phones to be compatible with the Gear S3 smartwatch. So, if your phone is also not listed, try installing the 3 Apps mentioned above via Google Play into your Android phone.


Like I said, I bought it from my regular handphone dealer. I know the boss since the early 90s when I bought my first handphone from him. At that time he was still a one man show. Today, he has several branches and employs hundreds of staff. Nowadays, I only deal with one of his branch managers whenever I want to get a handphone.

Anyway, after I paid for the Samsung Gear S3, I asked the branch manager if she has any pain on any part of her body. Well, the good news is she’s fine but one of her staff has been experiencing foot pain for years. So, she asked her staff if she wanted to try Blocked Qi Release Technique and she was game for it.

Well, the pain in her left foot was at a scale of 5 (o being no pain and 10 extreme pain) prior to me treating her with BQRT. After I performed Blocked Qi Release Technique on her, her left foot pain reduced to ZERO!!! No pain at all ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, the manager then asked me if I wanted to talk to her boss, and I said fine. She contacted her boss but he was in a meeting. But I also know her boss’s wife and she told me that his wife practices Rei-ki. So this manager called the wife and asked if she would like to meet me and she said yes.

I then went over to their HQ , about 5 minutes walk and met the wife. So happened her husband also finishedย  his meeting and we sat around chit chatting. To make a long story short, the wife was experiencing neck pain for years and she told me she could not sleep well the night before. So, I asked if she would like to try Blocked Qi Release Technique and she said yes. FYI, prior to me healing her, the scale of her neck pain was 7, which is kind of bad. After I completed the Blocked Qi Release Technique, her neck pain reduced to a scale of 3 ๐Ÿ™‚

With the above, today I am very happy, not only did I get a new toy, but I managed to help 2 people to achieve a better quality of life.


Samsung Gear S3 Battery Life

One of the main feature of the Samsung Gear S3 is that it comes with a pretty good battery that is suppose to last 3 to 4 days. However, initially, my Samsung Gear S3 battery kind of drain pretty quick – a full charge could only last me maximum 48 hours. I remembered that I read in a review that a person had the same experience and he solved the problem by performing a Factory Reset. So, I did a Factory Reset on 13th December 2016 at around 6pm when the battery was at 15% and charged the smartwatch. I then went out for dinner and returned around 10.30pm and the watch was fully charged (it takes about 2+ hours to fully charge the watch). Since I did a Factory Reset, I had to re-download Apps I wanted into my smartwatch again. After downloading several Apps I wore the watch to bed so that it can monitor my sleep pattern. On 14th December 2016 at around 10pm (about 24 hours after it was fully charged), my battery still shows it has 69% power – which means a full charge should now last me 3 days ๐Ÿ™‚

Samsung Gear S3 S Health – Fitness App

Prior to me getting the Samsung Gear S3, I was thinking of getting a fitness band. Well, the Samsung Gear S3 S Health App does pretty much the same thing. It monitors your sleep pattern, keep track of the steps you take, how many floors you climb, how many calories you burn, your heart beat, set goals, monitor various exercise routines and etc.

However, I read in a article that every single fitness band and/or smartwatch on the market today DO NOT give you an accurate reading of your heart beat. So be warned.

Well, I can say that the Samsung Gear S3 step counter is pretty accurate because as I walk I can see the number of steps increasing ๐Ÿ™‚ And if you stay idle for an hour, it will tell you to get off your ass and go move around, hahaha.

What I like about the watch is that I can also keep track of how many cups of coffee and/or water I consume daily.

With the S Health App in your mobile phone, you can then check your past records, e.g. number of steps and/or number of coffee you consumed and/or hours of sleep you gotten for the last few days.

Samsung Gear S3 Health

Samsung Gear S3 Health Steps

Samsung Gear S3 Health Heart Beat

Samsung Gear S3 Sleep Monitor Record

Samsung Gear S3 Sleep Record Breakdown

Samsung Gear S3 Water Coffee Intake


I love the Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch because now I can answer my incoming calls without needing me to swipe/touch my Xiaomi Redmi 3 mobile phone when I am driving. The name or number of the person who is calling will show up on the watch. I could hear clearly with the built in speaker phone when I am in the car.

I can also make calls from my Samsung Gear S3 where I can even set Fast Dialing for either a single person or up to 4 persons per widget. I.e. you can have many fast dialing widgets where you can easily access to them by turning the bezel of the watch.

Samsung Gear S3 Shortcuts

Short Cut Widget where you can set 4 Apps

Samsung Gear S3 Answering Incoming Call

Simply swipe to the right or left to answer or reject a call. You can even have preset messages to reply which is very handy when you are unable to answer the call.


You can’t create a SMS with the Samsung Gear S3!!! You will be notified of incoming SMS but you won’t be able to read it on the smartwatch – the watch is not that smart after all, hahaha.

Samsung Gear S3 SMS


Surprise, surprise, you can read and reply WhatsApp message with the Samsung Gear S3!!! This is really fantastic but I won’t recommend you do it while you are driving.

Samsung Gear S3 WhatsApp Can Reply

The Samsung Gear S3 will notify you when you have an incoming WhatsApp Voice or Video calls; BUT, you cannot answer them!!! When you touch the “Answer Button”, it will automatically divert you to your mobile phone.

Samsung Gear S3 WhatsApp Call

Samsung Gear S3 WhatsApp Video Call

Samsung Gear S3 WhatsApp Missed Call


The Samsung Gear S3 has a Weather App where you can add as many cities as you like and it will give you details (hourly and daily) just like your smartphone.

Samsung Gear S3 World Weather

And if you press on the above screen, you will be provided with further weather forecast:

Samsung Gear S3 World Weather Details 1

Samsung Gear S3 World Weather Details Daily

Samsung Gear S3 World Weather Details Hourly


The Samsung Gear S3 has a built in GPS that is suppose to work with Here WeGo Map without us needing to have Wireless Data connection with our smartphone. BUT I can’t seem to get my GPS working most of the time, hahaha. When I set the Connection to GPS ONLY, my watch keeps telling me it can’t locate me!!!

There is also a Google Map App but it needs to be connected to your smartphone with data connection to work.

Seriously, I tell you, it will be easier to see directions using our BIG smartphone screen with Google Map or Waze.

Samsung Gear S3 GPS Here We Go

The green spot shows my location on HERE WE GO Map, I was at Amarin Mid Valley that time and connected to my smartphone data, so I got no idea if my GPS was working, hahaha.

Samsung Gear S3 GPS Here We Go MV to PJ

By turning the watch bezel, the map will zoom in and out.

There are other many other Apps plus games too for the Samsung Gear S3 but I won’t repeat/touch on them here as you can easily google and read the many reviews out there.

And with Samsung Gear S3 pretty good battery life and performance which can last 3 days for my case, the rotating bezel to switch between apps and move up and down the screen, make and answer calls with the built in speaker and mic; plus you can reply WhatsApp messages on it, I guess it is one of the best Android smartwatch in 2016 and most probably in early 2017 too.

UPDATE January 2017

Rolex Air King 116900 BMWI bought the Rolex Air King 116900 and I tell you. I am so freaking happy because the serial number ends with 883!!! Finally I have found my inner peace in my search for the perfect everyday watch. Click here to read my article titled Found My Inner Peace with Rolex King!

UPDATE February 2017

I have sold off my Samsung S3 as I find it a hassle to charge it. I will just stick to automatic watches from now on, hahaha.

With love,

K K @ย The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project