I Found My Inner Peace with Rolex Air King

Update February 2017

A few weeks ago I told you guys that I was looking for an all black watch and I thought I found the perfect one, i.e. Samsung Gear S3. Click here to read my article/review on my Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch.

However, I also mentioned in my facebook post that I like the new Rolex Air King 116900. Moreover, it is stainless steel and with the radical design (for a Rolex), it does not even looks like a typical Rolex watch. As such, I think it would be pretty safe to wear it on the streets.

Well, guess what? I don’t think the Samsung Gear S3 is suitable for me after all…. as it “absorbs” bluetooth, GPS and wi-fi signals. Therefore, I have sold it away.

Actually, before I bought the Samsung Gear S3, I told my watch dealer representative to keep the Rolex Air King 116900 when their stock comes in. But it has been weeks and she keeps telling me the stock has yet to arrive. So yesterday, 1st of January 2017, I was so damn free that I called every single Authorised Rolex Dealer in KL and to my pleasant surprise one of them had the Rolex Air King 116900 in stock!!! I immediately told the person to keep the watch for me.

Well, today, 2nd January 2017, I bought the Rolex Air King 116900 and I tell you. I am so freaking happy because the serial number ends with 883!!! Finally I have found my inner peace in my search for the perfect everyday watch.

And while in the Authorised Rolex Boutique, I also taught the salesperson who sold me the Rolex Air King the Meridian Tapping Technique which is a Do-It-Yourself method to relieve any sudden issues one may face.

Without further ado, here are life photos of my Rolex King!

Rolex Air King 116900 Cool Watch

Rolex Air King Live Photo

Rolex Air King 116900 January 2017 2

Rolex Air King 116900 BMW

Rolex GMT Master II Batman Air King 116900 2017

On the left of the above photo is my first Rolex, GMT Master Pepsi, bought almost 20 years ago and it still works perfectly. I wear my Rolex GMT Master Pepsi whenever I travel overseas as the rotating bezel make it very easy to adjust for different time zones. I tell you, Rolex stainless steel watches are very hardy and the quality second to none.

My eldest son’s GMT Master II Batman 116710 BLNR (bought 2 years back for his birthday) cost more than my new Rolex King, hahaha. My eldest son is currently pursuing a Doctor of Medicine degree (M.D) in Australia and is currently back in Malaysia for his school break. I told him to get a undergraduate Medicine degree (MBBS) after he completed high school but he refused. So, I sent him to USA, at the age of 17, to pursue an Engineering Degree. He has even obtained a Master degree in Engineering from an Ivy League Uni and then decided he wanted to do Medicine!!! Therefore, I was so happy that I bought him the Rolex Batman in 2015 AND more importantly, I can now repeat to him over and over again “I TOLD YOU SO”, just to make a point that I am right from the start, hahaha.

Update 22nd Jan 2017

I bought my Rolex Air King 11690 for RM22,750 on 2nd January 2017 without any discount, i.e. at the official Recommended Retail Price. Rolex increased the price of all their watches in Malaysia by 6% on 16th January 2017. Today, 22nd January 2017, I dropped by my regular Rolex Dealer in KL to say hello to the salesperson who has been serving me for many years; and she informed me that the Rolex Air King,  due to limited stock and high demand, are now selling at Premium Price, i.e. higher than official Recommended Retail Price. My regular Rolex Dealer is now selling the Rolex Air King 116900 at RM27,000 and that’s only if they have stock. So, if you see the Air King 116900 selling at official Recommended Retail Price, better get one before all Rolex Dealers in Malaysia sell it at Premium Price.

Update 9 Feb 2017 – New Rolex Air King (40mm) versus New Rolex Explorer (39mm)

On 8th Feb, I was at KLIA to take my flight to Melbourne and dropped by the Rolex Boutique (by Swiss Watch Gallery) beside the Sky-Train station at the Satellite Terminal. Guess what? They had both the new Rolex Air King 116900 and GMT Master II Batman 116710 BLNR in stock!!!. However only the new Rolex Air King was on display.

The Rolex Air King was selling at Premium Price of RM25K (no GST since it’s Duty Free) at the Rolex Boutique KLIA. As of February 2017, the Rolex Air King should be selling for around  RM26k (with GST) if you get it from Rolex Authorized Dealers in Kuala Lumpur. FYI, I bought mine for RM22,750 (including 6% GST) on 2 Jan at a KL Rolex Authorized Dealer.

Below is a photo of the new Rolex Air King 40mm next to the new Rolex Explorer 39mm taken at the above mentioned Rolex Boutique. If you ask me, the Rolex Air King 116900 dial looks way better (sportier, cooler and  “younger”) than the new Explorer 39mm. Seriously, the Rolex Explorer has never interested me, but the moment I first saw the new Rolex Air King, I liked it.

If you refer to the dial of the new Rolex Air King, the crown is in yellow and the Rolex word in green. That’s Rolex’s official logo colors. Next time you enter a Rolex Boutique, look up at the signboard and you will understand this paragraph.

Rolex Air King versus Explorer

Earlier I mentioned the Rolex Boutique KLIA had the GMT Master II Batman 116710 BLNR in stock while I was there on 8th February 2017. They also had the “Green” Submariner, another sought after model, in stock but not on display, Anyway, they were selling the Rolex Batman for more than RM40K!!! It is high considering the Rolex Boutique at KLIA is a Duty Free outlet, i.e. no GST.

However, they do offer discount for Rolex Daytona Gold/Steel models 116503 and after discount, you can get one for about RM58K. Damn cheap compared to the latest Daytona Stainless Steel with ceramic bezel models 116500 selling at Premium Price in Kuala Lumpur AD for approximately RM73,000 to RM78,000!

Rolex Daytona 2 Tone Malaysia Price Duty Free

The only set back about Rolex Boutique operated by Swiss Watch Gallery is that they will give you a lower discount rate if you use AMEX!!! Other Authorized Rolex Dealers around KL will give you the same discount rate regardless if you use Visa, MasterCard or AMEX. I tell you, the only card to use to purchase a Rolex Watch is the Maybank 2 Cards Premier American Express RESERVE.

If you did not know, the Maybank AMEX RESERVE earns you 1 Enrich Mile for every Ringgit spent locally or overseas. By using the Maybank AMEX Reserve to buy a solid gold (yellow/rose/white) Rolex Watch, we can earn more than enough Enrich Miles to upgrade a Return Economy Class KL/London to Business Class (80K Enrich Miles) or enough to redeem for a full Business Class ticket to Melbourne/Sydney (110K Enrich Miles). And if you purchase the Rolex Sky Dweller using the AMEX RESERVE, you would have enough Enrich Miles to redeem in full a Return Business Class ticket KL/London worth RM15K and even 2 Return Business Class tickets KL/London when Enrich is offering 50% sale!!! So, the next time you want to buy a Rolex watch, shop around and see which dealer accepts AMEX and also offers you the same discount rate if you were to use Visa or MasterCard.

With love,

K K @ The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project