ROLEX New Moonphase and Sky Dweller Steel Gold Baselworld 2017

New Rolex Sky-Dweller for 2017 – 6 Models

Finally, the best Rolex World Traveller’s Watch with dual time zone, i.e. Sky Dweller, is available in steel combined with white gold or yellow gold making it more affordable.

Rolex Sjy Dweller Two Tone Steel Gold New 2017

Everyone knows that Rolex oyster perpetual watches quality are second to none. You can wear them while playing golf or other outdoor activities and can even go swimming with them. But what’s so great about the Rolex Sky-Dweller? Well, the Sky Dweller is Rolex’s very first Dual Time Zone Display with an Annual Calendar. Freaking cool right.

Prior to 23 March 2017, the Rolex Sky Dweller models were only available in solid precious metal oyster case, 18 ct yellow gold, white gold and rose gold; and selling for about USD40,000. I have always liked the Rolex Sky Dweller, because of the Dual Time Zone and Annual Calendar but the high price was preventing me from getting one.

Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when Rolex announced to the world during BaselWorld 2017 that they are shipping out 6 new Sky-Dwellers in 904L Steel with combination of either White or Yellow Gold combination. Thus, the price of the new Steel Gold combination of Sky-Dwellers are less than half of the solid gold models.

Rolex Sky Dweller 904L Steel and White Gold

Retail Price of Rolex Sky Dweller Steel and White Gold, model 326934 – USD14,400. In Australia, as of March 2017, it is selling at retail price of AUD18,250.

The Steel and White Gold combination is a no no for me because the model number ends with the number 4!!! Actually if you translate the entire 6 digit number, 326934 to Cantonese, it does not sound very good.  I will just translate the last three number, 934 when translated to Cantonese means – Play Heart Die!

Rolex Sky Dweller 904L Steel and Yellow Gold

Retail Price of Rolex Sky Dweller Steel and  18ct Yellow Gold, model 326933 – USD17,150 and in Australia AUD21,700.

If you were to buy a Rolex watch in Australia and take it out of the country within a specific time, you are entitled to claim GST rebate at the airport. For example, if you were to buy the Rolex Sky-Dweller Steel and Yellow Gold (AUD21,700) and take in out of the country within 30 days, you can claim back approximately AUD2K at the airport. As such you will eventually pay less than AUD20K.

Like I mentioned earlier, I really like the Rolex Sky Dweller because of its Dual Time Zone and Annual Calendar features. Of the six non solid precious metal models, I like the Steel and Yellow combination Black Dial most, model 326993. And with the model number ending with 33, that’s a really good number as it means Happy Happy 🙂

And if you add up the numbers, based on feng shui: 3+2+6+9+3+3 = 26, 2+6 = 8!

The number No.8 is equivalent to prosperity  🙂 As such, I predict the Sky Dweller Steel and Yellow Gold combination models will be a run-away success for Rolex in Asia, hahaha.

Rolex Sky Dweller Gold Steel Baselworld 2017 New

Rolex Sky Dweller Gold Steel Baselworld 2017

Rolex Sky Dweller Steel Gold Specification

I am dreaming of getting the new Rolex Sky Dweller Steel Yellow Gold Combination with Black Dial if it is available in Kuala Lumpur and pay for it with the wonderful Maybank 2 Cards Premier American Express Reserve  where I can then convert the 5X reward points to Enrich Miles which will be more than enough to redeem for a FREE One Way Direct Business Class ticket with Malaysia Airlines KL to London (or vice-versa). Having said this, I will not rush to get the Sky-Dweller until or unless I get some discount for it. FYI, we can get some discount for the Rolex Daytona Steel Yellow Gold models at Rolex AD in KL (including at KLIA which I will touch on this subject again in the later part of this article).

The Ultimate Rolex Dress Watch – New Cellini Moonphase 2017

FYI, the last time Rolex introduced a moonphase watch was more than half a century ago, to be exact in 1949. If you google Rolex Moonphase, you will find most of the vintage models were made in the early 50s. The Rolex moonphase is so rare that a good condition vintage model can fetch more than USD1,000,000 at auctions for the stainless steel model!!! If you were to check out the prices of the vintage Rolex Moonphases Reference 8171 at Chrono24, they are selling for no less than USD50K.

Well, the good news for watch fans, and in particular collectors of Rolex watches, you can now add a  new Rolex Cellini Moonphase to your watch collection for less than AUD50K.

During Baselworld 2017, Rolex launched the Cellini Moonphase in Everose Gold Reference 50535-0002 priced at USD26,750 and in Australia the retail price as of March 2017 is AUD33,900.

Well, it’s a no brainer that the Rolex Moonphase will be another run-away best seller and one of the most sought after watch on planet earth for years to come. I also believe that in years to come we shall see more variations of the Rolex Moonphase in white gold and even precious metal bracelet. If Rolex was to ever introduced a new Stainless Steel Moonphase model, I would definitely get one…… there’s nothing wrong being a dreamer 🙂

Rolex Cellini Moonphase New 2017

Rolex Cellini Moonphase New Baselworld 2017

Other New Rolex Models Introduced in 2017

New Rolex 2017

For more info on new Rolex watches introduced for the very first time during Basel World 2017, please visit Rolex official website.

My Stainless Steel Rolex Watches

Rolex GMT Master II Batman Air King 116900 2017

To read another article on Rolex by yours truly titled I Found My Inner Peace with the new Rolex Air King, please click here. In this article, I will show you live photos of my Rolex Air King 116900 (launched during Baselworld 2016) plus subjects covering the price of Rolex Daytona, GMT II Batman, Submariner Hulk and New Air King at KLIA Rolex Boutique (it’s a Duty Free outlet, i.e. no 6% GST, BUT these 4 models were selling at Premium Price).

Rolex Daytona 2 Tone Malaysia Price Duty Free

Once again, in my article titled I Found My Inner Peace with the new Rolex Air King, I posted the photo above of the Rolex Daytona Steel Yellow Gold Black Dial taken at KLIA Rolex Boutique with the price tag of RM61,940K (no GST) and before discount. My Authorised Rolex Dealer in KL city informed me that the retail price is RM65,660 (with 6% GST) before discount.

The retail price of the Rolex Daytona Steel Yellow Gold and Sky Dweller Steel Yellow Gold are AUD21,450 and AUD21,700 respectively. Therefore, the Rolex Sky Dweller Steel Yellow Gold should be selling close to the price of Rolex Daytona Steel Yellow Gold in Malaysia.

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