Medical Qigong Introduction – Qigong Essential and Self Healing


In my Introduction to Blocked Qi Release Technique (BQRT) article, I mentioned that one of my best friends, called B Y, treated my foot/soles discomfort which was troubling me for years using BQRT. I was so taken in with the effectiveness of BQRT that I signed up for the 4 days BQRT seminar in May 2016.

I tell you, the 4 days Blocked Qi Release Technique Seminar did wonders for me; not only did Iย  learn a new skill which enables me to help others on their issues BUT more importantly, I found inner peace and the power of Love & Gratitude.

Anyway, it has been about a year since I took the Blocked Qi Release Technique course and I have as of date (end of May) helped more than 80 people on numerous issues which include Body Pain (Neck, Shoulder, Lower Back, Knee and Foot), Joint Pain (Rheumatoid Arthritis), Migraine, Eczema/Rashes, Palmar Hyperhidrosis, Sinus, Lightheadedness (due to blood pressure), Insomnia and etc. And the best part is, most of the cases I attended to are via Distance Healing, i.e. Video Calls using Apple Facetime, SKYPE and WhatsApp Video.

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I came about knowing about Wellness Medical Qigong, founded by Master Dr. Tan Soo Kong, via my best friend B Y once again. Just like in the case with Blocked Qi Release Technique, B Y had taken the Medical Qigong courses for months but hardly talked about it when we chit chatted (he and I plus another one of our best friends meet up almost weekly if I am in KL) as he knows that my other best friend and I wouldn’t be bothered about it.

So happened in early May 2017, B Y and I met up with another 2 BQRT practitioners (one of them is a TCM practitioner who has his own clinic and also treats people in a well known Medical Specialist Centre in the Klang Valley). While chit chatting, B Y kind of mentioned/explained that he witnessed a person who has learned Wellness Medical Qigong controlling the movement of another person’s head without touching it during one of the classes he attended! Wow! This is like Darth Vader where he uses The Force toย  strangle someone without physically touching him. And during the conversation, B Y also elaborated that with Wellness Medical Qigong, one could also use their Qi to treat others; and just like BQRT, we can treat others using Medical Qigong via Distance Healing!

Like I mentioned, I have helped many people using BQRT via Distance Healing and I find extreme satisfaction when I am able to successfully help others on their issues. Therefore, my objective in signing up for the Wellness Medical Qigong is to learn another skill to help others via Distance Healing.

In respect of the above paragraphs, my friend (the TCM practitioner who was trained in China) and I were intrigued with Medical Qigong. B Y then explained that the Wellness Medical Qigong consist of 6 modules and then “practical” training before one could be certified with the Ministry of Human Resources ( MoHR ) under its Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM).

Oh yes, the Wellness Medical Qigong program developed by Master Dr Tan Soo Kong is recognized and gazetted by Malaysia’s Government.

So, first thing first, I have to sign up for the first module which is Essential Qigong which teaches us the basics of breathing and dynamic movements to activate, circulate and store qi within one’s body. Therefore, both my friend and I asked B Y to contact the Wellness Medical Qigong office to enroll us for the coming class on May 13 and 14.

However, the next day, B Y informed us that the Essential Qigong class for May is full and that we can only attend the next class in June. He then gave me the contact number of the person I should talk to for further info.

I then called the lady in charge of registration and found out that if I were to take the Essential Qigong class (module 1) in June 2017 followed by the Self Healing class (module 2) in July, I wouldn’t be able to attend the Treatment Techniques Part 1 class (module 3 – which teaches how to treat others using Qigong) scheduled for August as it clashes with my plans for that month.

So, I used my begging skill and pestered the lady to allow me to attend the Essential Qigong class on 13 & 14 May 2017 (in Puchong/KL) so that I am able to attend the Self Healing class (module 2) in Penang on 19 and 20 May and then the Treatment Techniques Part 1 module on 27 and 28 May 2017 (in Puchong/KL). However, she was unable to accommodate my request to start the Essential Qigong class in May; therefore I have no choice but to agree to start the Essential Qigong class in June which means I am only able to take the Qigong Treatment Techniques Part I class next year (2018)!


Then a few days before 13 May, while I was taking my usual afternoon nap (I will touch on this latter), the lady I mentioned above called my handphone to inform me that there is an opening on the 13 & 14 May Essential Qigong class because another person dropped out. I was overjoyed and immediately accepted the offer. This meant that I had to fly to Penang to take the second module (Self Healing) which would then enable me to take the Treatment Techniques Part I class on 27 and 28 May ๐Ÿ™‚


On 13th May 2017, I started my first journey into Wellness Medical Qigong where I was blessed to have gained another sifu, Master Dr Tan Soo Kong.

Master Tan Soo Kong has been treating people for decades using medical qigong. He retired early from his successful IT business to pursue his passion for medical qigong and selflessly share his knowledge for the betterment of humanity. I tell you, Master Tan Soo Kong is a very humble down to earth person, considerate, patient, likes to joke and I can’t find a single fault with him.

The first day we were taught how to breath using Dan Tian (stomach) followed by a Lying Down Breathing and a simple meditation. Towards the end of the first day, we were taught 9 of the 15 steps of Wellness Medical Qigong dynamic movements.

On the morning of the second day, we were asked to share our experience. I myself don’t have any issues but generally feel fresh. Many of my coursemates reported the same, i.e. feel energetic. However, to my surprised a few of my coursemates mentioned that their body pain issues disappeared and some of them felt that their body was “hotter”.

Anyway, on the second day, we were taught the remaining 15 steps of the Wellness Medical Qigong exercise.

Like I mentioned earlier, the reason I am taking the Medical Qigong class is so that I can help others. What my best friend did not tell me is that the Wellness Medical Qigong Program developed by Master Tan Soo Kong does wonders for our own health! Let me elaborate on this:

Prior to the Essential Qigong class, I felt lethargic most of the time; and because of the medication for my glaucoma, my eyes would feel tired. Therefore, on most days I will take an afternoon nap.

I have been practicing the Lying Down Breathing Exercise every single day since 13 May 2017 and the Wellness Medical Qigong Dynamic Movements exercise.

However, since I took the Essential Qigong class on 13th May 2017, and until today (25th May) I feel very energetic every single day and my eyes don’t get tired! I have not taken an afternoon nap for close to 2 weeks! Generally, my body also felt warmer.

Also, I sleep better. You see while in KL, I would wake up a few times during the night to switch the air-con on and off. But after taking the Medical QiGong class, somehow my body is able to regulate my body temperature and I can sleep straight until morning with the air-con on.

It gets better. On two occasions, I was with my friends having coffee late into the night (one of them from 10pm to 1.30am while in Penang and the next day I had to wake up at 8am as I was attending the Self Healing Class) and I could smoke non-stop without getting a headache and still feel fresh as day!!! Yeah, I know this is a bad thing, but what I am highlighting to you is that somehow the Medical QiGong Lying Down Breathing Technique and Dynamic Movements Exercise has done wonders to my body.


Most if not all who attended the Essential Qigong class would also attend the Self-Healing class after experiencing the benefits from the Qigong breathing exercises. In this class, we are taught further Sound Healing plus other interesting stuff which benefit our well being. I attended the Self Healing class (module 2) in Penang on 20 & 21 May 2017 and in this class there were 2 medical doctors.

Wellness Medical Qigong Self Healing Methodology

Since I only recently completed this Self Healing Class and basically I don’t have any issues prior to the class, I can’t tell you how it has benefited me physically (but this does not mean it did not benefit me internally).

What I can tell you is, right after the Self Healing class on 21st May 2017, I had to rush to Penang airport to catch my flight scheduled at 7.25pm to KLIA2 as I was scheduled to depart for Melbourne at 10.30pm that same night.

The Penang flight was delayed for an hour. Therefore, I had about an hour to catch my Melbourne flight in KLIA2. Most of you know lah, KLIA2 is one of the worst designed airports on planet earth where we have to walk and walk and walk. By the time I exited the plane at KLIA2, it was about 9.25pm. So I had to rush like hell. First, I had to get my Web Check-In Boarding Pass reissued at the Document Check Counter (required for flights to Australia where usually they will issue a new boarding pass) and then rushed to Gate P and I was like the last person to enter the plane.

Anyway, the flight from KLIA2 to Melbourne was about 7 hours and I had less than 4 hours sleep in the plane. However, when I reached Melbourne, I felt fresh and energetic and I did not even have a single cup of my usual morning coffee until I got to my apartment in Melbourne CBD around 10am.

In my Meridian Tapping Technique article, I mentioned that – “nowadays my backside hurt whenever I fly with AirAsia or Malaysia Airlines Berhad between KL and Melbourne. During my trip from Melbourne to KL in September 2016, my ass was hurting like hell and thus preventing me from getting a good rest. So I used the Meridian Tapping Technique. After I completed the sequence, my ass hurt less, i.e. from a scale of 8 to 2”. However, the interesting thing I noted this time around was that my backside did not hurt at all during the entire trip between KLIA2 and Melbourne (in May 2017).


Qigong is the art of energy and the fundamental objective is to promote harmonious flow of Qi (vital energy) in the body. By practicing Qigong, any Qi blockages within the body will be cleared and one’s energy level will increase.

There are many types of Qigong. The Wellness Medical Qigong Program was developed by Master Tan Soo Kong from various schools of Qigong and Medical Qigong techniques put together into an effective treatment protocol. Wellness Medical Qigong benefits one’s well being by activating Qi, enhancing Qi, circulating Qi, directing Qi, conserving Qi and storing Qi. And if one is interested, how to use Qi to treat others.

Wellness Medical Qigong Philosophy

It was kind of easy for me to grasp what Master Tan Soo Kong was teaching about the theory of Qi (vital energy, life force), meditation, energy (which cannot be destroyed but is transformed from one form to another), how emotions effect our health and how to use intentions (Yi) as this subjects were also taught in the Blocked Qi Release Technique seminar which I took a year ago (and helping others since then).

If you have read my Introduction to The Inner Qi Project article, I mentioned that the 4 days Blocked Qi Release Technique Seminar has taught me to achieve Inner Peace besides having a skill to help others plus the power of Love & Gratitude. In this said article, I also mentioned that BQRT cannot heal physical injury but can complement treatment or medication.

As for the Essential QiGong class taught by Master Tan Soo Kong, it has done wonders for my health. Besides being more energetic and my body temperature better regulated, I did not mention earlier that I have felt that my vision has improved (my right eye is 70% damaged due to glaucoma) since I started practicing the Lying Down Breathing Technique and 15 Steps Wellness Medical Qigong Dynamic Movement Exercise. Yes, I can see more “clearly” now and I have not been taking any supplements for my eyes since I started taking the Qigong class on 13th May 2017.

Medical Qigong can be used to treat all kinds of physical and emotional ailments. And in China and USA, Medical QiGong is used as complementary therapy for cancer.

Wellness Medical Qigong Practitioners are issued certification recognized by the government of Malaysia. In a Hospital in Penang, many of the disciples of Master Tan Soo Kong treat people with all kinds of issues using Medical Qigong on a voluntary basis (patients do pay a fee to the hospital but the volunteers are only reimbursed transportation fee). The demand for Medical Qigong in the Penang Hospital is so great that sometimes it may take up to a month just to make an appointment.

I strongly recommend the Essential Qigong class to each and everyone of you as you will learn a new skill in just 2 days but will benefit you throughout your lifetime (and you can easily teach your loved ones the Lying Down Breathing Technique which will also benefit them).

And if you are like me where I find extreme satisfaction in helping others, you can continue taking more advance Wellness Medical Qigong classes; and unlike BQRT, Wellness Medical Qigong is not limited to issues related to emotions only but enables us to help others on whatever issues related to the body and even obtaining certification from the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

I am going to share a secret with you ladies, by practicing Wellness Medical Qigong, not only will you be healthy but more importantly it will promote youthfulness, which means you can save thousands of dollars from not having to buy beauty products, hahaha.

If you or your loved ones have an issue, you may also seek Medical Qigong treatment/complementary treatment from my Master at his centre in Petaling Jaya opposite PJ Hilton or other Medical Qigong Sifus (KL, Johor, Penang, Ipoh, India, Canada, and Melbourne) plus many disciples of Master Tan Soo Kong all around planet earth. For more info, just google Wellness Medical Qigong.

FYI, I have also completed the Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment Techniques Part I & Part II. Therefore, I am now able to help others on their issues using both Blocked Qi Released Technique and Medical Qigong via Distance Healing ๐Ÿ™‚

Below is what I posted at my Facebook on 19 June 2017, a month after I took the Essential Qigong class.

Update October 2017 – I am pleased to announce that I have completed all the Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment Technique modules (Part 1 to 4) on 27th August 2017 ๐Ÿ™‚ As of October 2017, I have attended to more than 28 cases using Wellness Medical Qigong to help others on their issues related to body pain, (lower back pain, shoulder, arm, hand, leg, knee & feet), swelling ( at arm/elbow and leg/knee/foot), inflammation of joints (e.g. frozen finger), gastric/heart burn, stomach pain/upset, high blood pressure, insomnia or hard to fall asleep, and many other issues.

Few of my Followers have taken my advise and signed up for the Essential Wellness Medical Qigong Class and they have experienced improvement to their issues especially feeling more energetic and one even no longer gets angry ๐Ÿ™‚

With love,

K K @ย The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project