No Discount For Liquor at Eraman with CIMB Credit Cards But Luckily I Have The Eraman Privilege Card

In early February I flew to Melbourne with Malaysia Airlines and was shocked to find out that we are no longer entitled to any discount for Hennessy VSOP and XO at Eraman with our CIMB credit cards!!! Other liquor which are also no longer entitled to any discount with CIMB credit cards are Benedictine DOM, Dewars 15Y & 18Y and Remy Martin Louis XIII.

No Discount at Eraman with CIMB credit cards

FYI, just before Chinese New Year 2017, I added a bottle of the Limited Edition 2017 Hennessy VSOP Privilege to my spirit collection in Malaysia. Please refer image below where the orange bottle was 2016 Limited Edition.

Hennessy Privilege VSOP Limited Edition 2016 2017 Open

So what I really wanted to buy was another bottle of the Hennessy VSOP Limited Edition 2017 (1L and comes in the standard box which opens at the top unlike the above 700ml where it opens sideways). So I asked the Eraman staff is there any discount for it? And to my surprised, she said yes, i.e. I can get 15% discount for the Hennessy VSOP Privilege Limited Edition if I pay it with my CIMB World MasterCard or Visa Infinite!!!

And guess what, with 15% discount, the Limited Edition 2017 Hennessy VSOP Privilege price ended up cheaper than the normal Hennessy VSOP!!! Of course I bought a bottle.

When I returned to KL in mid April, I bought another bottle of the Limited Edition 2017 1L Hennessy VSOP Privilege. The price before discount was RM326, with 15% discount, I saved RM48.90; therefore, effectively I only paid RM277.10 for the 1L Hennessy VSOP Privilege LE 2017.

Cimb Eraman Credit Card discount Hennessy Privilege

And since I have 2 bottles of the Hennessy VSOP Privilege Limited Edition 2017 in Malaysia, I had to open one of the bottles to taste it. Well, the taste was just okay. And if you ask me, I think the normal Hennessy VSOP taste better! Hahaha.

Hennessy Privilege VSOP Limited Edition 2017 1L

I have opened this 1L bottle. Note the packaging which is different from the 700ml packaging which open sideways.

The Hennessy VSOP and XO are my favourite cognacs; therefore it really sucks that I am no longer entitled to 15% discount at Eraman for them 😦



Few months back Martell launched a new Limited Edition Cordon Bleu for 2017. As of 22nd May 2017, there are still a few bottles at Eraman KLIA2 (but not at Gate P!!!). So you better be quick and get one before they are sold out and gone forever.

Martell Cordon Bleu Limited Edition Intense Heat 2017

When I returned to KL on 27 May from Melbourne with AirAsia, they had the Limited Edition Cordon Bleu Intense Heat at KLIA2. When I wanted to pay for it with my CIMB Credit Card, I was shocked when the salesgirl told me that CIMB credit cards are no longer entitled to any discount for liquor!

Luckily I have the Eraman Privilege Card, thus I was entitled to 10% discount and I used my Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve to pay for Limited Edition Cordon Bleu Intense Heat together with a carton of Marlboro Lights/Gold and earned myself close to 1000 Enrich Miles (Maybank 2 Cards Premier Enrich/KrisFlyer Miles conversion = 1 EM/KM for every RM0.954 spent locally for overseas with the AMEX Reserve).

Eraman 10 discount Liquor

Eraman Privilege Card

And the reason why I signed up for the Eraman Privilege Member Card for years back was because it used to offer 5% discount for fags but that’s no longer the case. So, if you do buy Cognacs or Whiskies, the next time you drop by Eraman, I guess you should also sign up for Eraman Privilege Member Card. FYI, it took ages for the card to arrive after I submitted the application form to the salesgirl.


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