Love & Gratitude Lead To Inner Peace

If you have been a follower of my old blog(s), you will know that I have written many articles on Life and I have mentioned that all of us are here on earth just to Eat, Shit and Sleep. All other actions between these 3 essential tasks are purely for entertainment where we are constantly chasing after temporary happiness ( aka “shiok sendiri” sensations). Well, I now have another way of looking at life on earth….. it is that we must have unconditional love towards others and be grateful (for whatever).

The thing is, it is impossible for us to constantly be in a happy state, but it is possible to achieve constant calmness and contented state.

Like I mentioned in my previous articles here at The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project, I have benefited tremendously by taking the Blocked Qi Release Technique Seminar taught by my Master C K Tan. When I signed up for the course back in May 2016, my intention was to learn the Blocked Qi Release Technique so that I can assist others to achieve a better quality of life by reducing their discomfort and/or chronic pain (can be physical pain or emotional pain) and/or other health/body issues where the source of the problem cannot be diagnosed by medical science.

However, what I gained from the 4 day seminar was beyond my expectation. You see, not only have I gained a skill to “heal” others; but, more importantly it changed me for the better. I have learned the importance of Love & Gratitude.

Most of us are self-centered where everything is about ourselves and we are not grateful (for whatever). But that does not mean we love ourselves or our heart is at peace. So first thing first, we must learn to love ourselves and achieve peace within our heart. However, to love ourselves and be at peace is easier said than done.

Once we are at peace with ourselves, we can then have unconditional love for others. With unconditional love for others, then we have no feelings of hatred and miracles can happen. If we are grateful for the things we have (what we really need is just a roof over our heads and food on the table), we will then be contented and have no jealousy or animosity towards others. Therefore, if our heart is pure with Love & Gratitude, we will be at peace with ourselves and life would be wonderful….. that’s enlightenment.

However, for us to have unconditional love towards others, is pretty tough. Most of us dislike some people and in some instances we may even have intense hatred towards a particular individual. This hatred (or jealousy or animosity) towards others that is kept in our heart will overwhelm us with constant emotional pain (aka STRESS) and that’s the root cause of our suffering and eventually leads to health problems.

In the Blocked Qi Release Technique 4 days seminar (I took in May 2016), my Master C K Tan taught us a simply/basic meditation on how to send love to the person we are having communication problems with or even hate!!! I tell you, if you can really send love directed to a person you hate and forgive him/her, your life would be wonderful as that constant emotional pain will be released from your heart. It is immaterial if the other person forgives you or not, who cares. What is most important is that we must be at peace with ourselves.

I tell you, it was during the 4 days seminar where I meditated for the first time in my life…. it was a simple guided meditation process that takes about 15 minutes.

The first time where I was asked to sent love to the one I hate/dislike was kind of tough….. well, it was impossible. It was only during the second meditation session that I could send love to the person I was having problems with. I tell you, after I sent love to the one I dislike for many years, immediately I felt an enormous burden removed and I no longer have any negative feelings against him! It was wonderful………  I am now at peace with myself.

The meditation where we are “taught” to send love to others takes less than 15 minutes and if you are interested, message me (via Facebook Message) and I will be more than happy to give you the link.

In my Wellness Medical Qigong second class on Self-Healing which I attended in late May 2017, my Master Tan Soo Kong also highlighted that stress leads to many health problems and once again emphasized that importance of Inner Peace which can be achieved through meditation and more importantly with Love & Gratitude.

With love,

K K @ The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project