Thank You For Being My Friend

In a blink of an eye, I have lived close to half a century which means more health issues are bound to crop up. And inch by inch, I am being dragged towards the gates of the helluva hot underworld to inevitably join all the past “happening” people. On the other hand, I am still stuck in a time warp, I keep thinking I am still in my late teens and twenties where I can still perform the things I used to do, hahaha.

Ever since I retired in my early forties back on 1.1.11, after being advised by a so called glaucoma specialist in KL to go for an eye operation, which I refused and instead seek treatment from Singapore where  the doctor simply changed the prescription and the pressure in my eyes dropped, I have lived a pathetic nothing better to do stress free, debt free and boss free life. My only worry when I wake up is – what’s for lunch. If I didn’t have glaucoma, then I wouldn’t need the prescribed eye drops to maintain the pressure in my eyes which in turn make my eyes sensitive to light, I will be in heaven on earth. This is because I will then be able to play PC games non-stop like in the good old days.

However, because I am so used to being glued to the computer monitor playing games (since I was a child as my dad bought us computers like Coleco Adam, Apple IIe clone and IBM clone) or preparing report after report for my ex-bosses, I have no qualms producing freaking long articles for your benefit or just for leisure reading. And what keeps me going while I sit in front of the computer is of course my love for coffee and cigarettes.

And it has been more than 6 years since I stopped being a salaryman and thankfully my glaucoma has not worsened but actually improved (pressure reduced). Even my eye doctor in Singapore is surprised. And since mid May 2017 after I started practicing Wellness Medical Qigong taught by Master Tan Soo Kong, I can feel that my vision has improved and my eyes are no longer tired and seldom have afternoon naps compared to almost daily naps prior to then.

If you have yet to read my article titled “Love Your Eyes”, please click here to read it where I have tips for eye care.

Having glaucoma and being told that I needed to go for an operation which subsequently made me decide to stop working was actually a blessing in disguise. It is a fact that my net-worth is less today compared to if I had continued working since 1.1.2011. But I have come to realize that having lots of money does not equate to long term happiness or make my life any better.  I tell you, it was actually a blessing that I quit my job as it enabled me to spend more time with my 3 younger children (back in 2011 to 2013) while they were still in Malaysia. Today all my children are in Australia (3 in Uni and the youngest is still in High School), and I fly in and out of Melbourne anytime I wish 🙂

And since May 2016, I finally found my calling where I have been helping others on their issues and this has given me much satisfaction.


I have always felt that most human beings (including myself) are self-centered, selfish, unsatisfied, unappreciative and have never ending complains on this and that. But you know what, I was not entirely correct. I have learned from many of you (my readers) whom I consider as my internet online Friends 🙂

  • There are many selfless people out there who share info with me so that others can benefit, i.e. messaging me at Facebook or WhatsApp. I even have guest columnists who used their precious time to write reviews/articles for FREE to share stuff that benefit us.

  • My articles are mainly written to share with you my thoughts, findings and experiences and I do not expect any returns from you. However, whenever anyone shows appreciation on the work I did for my blog, i.e. take the trouble to comment with kind words or just simply clicking the Facebook Like button or become a follower of my blog, it does make my day. You can call it shiok sendiri, hahaha.


  • There are also many caring and kind people out there who are more than willing to help me. For example, when I asked for feedback on gaming notebooks and Air Miles  at Facebook, many people actually took the trouble to reply. And over time, a few of you actually showed your concern and took the trouble to give me advice/information relating to my glaucoma.

And the best part of all is I have not met most of you personally. Some of you have even invited me for coffee and/or lunch (in KL, Penang and Melbourne) and even donated money towards my blog subscription fees!

Then again like I said, there are people who complain about this and that (I guess it has to do with yin/yang – give a positive comment followed by a negative comment so it balances out to neutral, haha).

Many of you guys have continued to show support/gratitude by “Liking” my facebook posts and I get the sensation of “shiok sendiri” whenever I see a new “Like”, hahaha. Seriously, like I mentioned earlier, I thought people in general were self-centered and ungrateful but many of you guys proofed me wrong – supporting me by taking the trouble to “Like” my posts that are unrelated to money/credit cards where you may not necessarily benefit from them at this moment (but will eventually).

And to show my love & gratitude to those of you who have continued to support me by Liking all my articles unconditionally since May 2016, you have been granted Friend status where you get to read selected articles (related to material stuff and money) which may benefit you sooner or later. And more importantly, I have promised to help you (my Friends – those who have my WhatsApp contact number) on your issue(s) for FREE 🙂

Sad to say, whatever articles I have published related to pocket money which save/earn you pocket money will be insignificant to your life in due time. And therefore, whatever you learned from me will be useless as it won’t make your life any better.

But thanks to my “gods” (I’m a Taoist, and therefore pray to many “gods” and according to Taoism, I can only enter the 18 levels of hell and never heaven), I have found my calling where I have been blessed to have “gained” 2 wonderful Sifus – Master C K Tan who taught me Blocked Qi Release Technique and Master Tan Soo Kong who taught me Wellness Medical Qigong. My new skills have allowed me to help others on their health issues which is more meaningful and I find extreme satisfaction whenever I am able to help someone achieve a better quality of life with my short time here on earth.

I am so glad that many of you have confidence in me on assisting with your issues ever since I learned how to help others using Blocked Qi Release Technique back in May 2016. And as of October 2017, I have attended to close to 100 cases using BQRT (click here to read some of the Testimonials related to Blocked Qi Release Technique).  Many of you guys did experience some kind of improvement/relieve after trying out Blocked Qi Release Technique. And now that I have learned another skill, i.e. Wellness Medical Qigong, it gives me another skill to help others on their chronic issues where since end of May 2017 I have used Wellness Medical Qigong on more than 38 cases (click here to read Testimonials related to Wellness Medical Qigong).

FYI, both Blocked Qi Release Technique and Wellness Medical Qigong can be performed via Distance Healing (e.g. video call but not necessarily). This means I can treat you from wherever  I may be on planet earth.

So my dear Friends, do not hesitate to contact me if you are facing/suffering from any issues which medical science cannot diagnose/treat, you have nothing to lose. You won’t be prescribed any medication (therefore no detrimental side effects) and my treatment is painless as I won’t poke you with any needles, hahaha. What you will receive from me is simply sincere unconditional Love & Gratitude 🙂

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With love,

K K @ The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project