My Cases in October and November 2017 in Helping Other Achieve A Better Quality Of Life

As mentioned in my Introduction To The Inner Qi Life Force Project, I promised to be transparent in reporting the outcome of the cases that I have attended to in helping others on their issues.

However, after reporting up to Case 68 using Blocked Qi Release Technique, I was too lazy, hahaha. My last report was published months ago, before I started learning Wellness Medical Qigong in May 2017.

Nowadays, I use both Blocked Qi Release Technique and Wellness Medical Qigong to help others on their issues. For this post, I will re-post the outcome of my cases which I have reported in my Facebook – – in the month of October and November 2017.

My post at Facebook on 31 October 2017 Updated with Testimonial Where Applicable

Altogether, in the month of October 2017, I have treated/helped more than 10 people using either Blocked Qi Release Technique (BQRT) and/or Wellness Medical Qigong (WMQ):

1. (Puchong) My BQRT course mate who was told she needed to go for a knee operation due to a torn tendon. I helped her twice with WMQ. So far she was told the knee surgery is not needed.

2. (Bandar Utama) A Follower/Friend was having issues on his neck and sprained thigh. Too bad he did not experience any improvement to his neck issue (of more than 10 years due to spurs) but he did experience improvement to his thigh immediately after the WMQ session.

3. (Sentul) My Follower’s mum – she had many issues, feels cold all the time, shoulder pain, both arms in pain and pain to whole body in the morning, This lady experienced improvements to all her issues with WMQ. Altogether I treated her using WMQ over 3 sessions.

WMQ Testimonial Case 28 Body Pain and Feels Cold

4. (Sentul) My Follower’s wife was experiencing back pain for more than a month. Treated her using BQRT (1Session) & WMQ (2 Sessions) and she had felt improvement since I treated her more than 3 weeks ago.

5. (Sentul) My Follower/Friend (husband of the above mentioned lady) – no particular problem but he just wanted me to scan and clear any “blockages” he may have using WMQ.

6. (Damansara Utama) A family friend – she was experiencing difficulty in walking comfortably as her spinal cord was out of alignment and was suffering from constant cramps and tightness to her waist. Treated her using both BQRT and WMQ on 3 separate occasions and she is pleased with the results every time.

7. (Damansara Utama) A family friend (an Engineer and husband of the above mentioned lady) who was experiencing difficulty in swallowing his saliva when he wakes up at night and irritating phlegm in the throat during the day. He was amazed with the results after only one session using both BQRT and WMQ as his issues no longer trouble him.

8. (Kota Kemuning) My lawyer friend’s mum – she has been suffering from “stomach burning” (reflux), can’t sleep well and constant tingling to both her soles. She felt much better after the WMQ session (reflux and tingling sensation to her soles gone). I have treated this lady twice before October 2017 and if she did not experienced any improvement she would not have wanted another session.

9. (KL) My massage therapist – I went for massage and saw my usual therapist in pain while she was walking up the stairs because her right leg had issues, i.e. pain and no strength to her knee. So I treated her with WMQ and she immediately felt relieve and energy returning to her leg and could then massage me for 2 hours straight, hahaha.

10. (KL) I was at a cafe and met a family friend. His wife was having knee pain so I treated her using WMQ and she said she could feel “ants” to her leg while I treated her knee.

11. (1 Utama) A Follower/Friend who has an issue with her temper by using BQRT. Update – in Mid Nov she told me her temper is under control 🙂

12. (KL) – My hairstylist, after I had my haircut, I asked her if she has any issue that is troubling her and so happens her upper right arm had some pain. So used WMQ and after the session the pain disappeared.

13. (Singapore) A stranger who resides in Singapore messaged me via Facebook 2 weeks ago. Well, I used BQRT and WMQ to treat both her and her son via Distance Healing (WhatsApp Video). I am pleased to inform you that her issues (pain from neck to shoulder and tingling to the left hand) have disappeared and she noticed her son’s condition is better too. Below is her Testimonial.

Testimonial BQRT 104 108 and WMQ 38 39

From the above, all the people I treated experienced improvement to their issues except for the person in item 2 (neck issue due to spurs).

My post at Facebook on 23 November 2017 Updated with Testimonial Where Applicable

Bros & Sis, time flies. I have been in Melbourne for 3 weeks and I will be in KL this weekend until mid February.

While in Melbourne, on 8 Nov, I managed to catch up for lunch with a Primary & Secondary school mate whom I have not met for more than 20 years. And you know lah, my passion nowadays is to help people – so I asked if he has any issues that is troubling him. So happened he has “Frozen Shoulder” for the past 25 years where he could not lift his arm beyond shoulder height without any pain. An orthopedic surgeon advised him to have surgery. So I performed Blocked Qi Release Technique (BQRT CASE 109) on him in the restaurant itself and later in the evening he was amazed with the results. Attached herewith is a screenshot of his Testimonial sent via WhatsApp, 10 days after I helped him.

Testimonial BQRT Case 109 Frozen Shoulder

In addition to my classmate mentioned above, below are also people whom I have helped face to face at their homes in suburbs around Melbourne:

BQRT CASE 111 – In Wantirna, my friend’s mother in law who has Back Pain for last 5 years. I only used BQRT as she was happy after that quick session. So far, my friend said his MIL is okay.

BQRT CASE 112 – My friend’s heel issue for past 1 year where it was extremely painful especially in the morning and having a hard time getting out of bed to walk. After the session he felt relieved. So I did not use Wellness Medical Qigong on his issue. Couple days later, I WhatsApp him and he told me the pain is still there. I then performed BQRT via Distance Healing and after couple days I was informed his heel was much better, the pain is still there but is like half of what it was before I helped him.

BQRT CASE 113 – A young lady who had shingles few years ago and as a result is experiencing extreme pain to the upper arm near the elbow. The pain is really bad and is affecting her to have a good needed rest. Initially I used BQRT but it was of little help. Even without touching, she feels pain in her arm. I accidentally touched her elbow and she went OUCH! So I then used Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment Techniques WMQ CASE 44) and after the session, the pain in her arm was almost gone, i.e. only slight pain when touched – unlike earlier where she yelled OUCH!

WMQ CASE 45 & 47 – A friend who stays at Mt Waverly was experiencing Lower Back Pain (more than a year), Discomfort to the Left Waist/Hip, Joint at Fingers in Pain (she was having treatment for rheumatoid arthritis) and Pain at her the heel of her Right Foot. I visited her and used Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment Techniques and after the session, she felt instant relieve to all her issues.

As most of you know, I also help people via Distance Healing, and in the last 3 weeks while I was in Melbourne, I performed Distance Healing for 6 people (4 in KL/PJ and 2 in Singapore). Below are cases which I attended to while in Melbourne:

WMQ CASE 46 – One day the stupid Fire Alarm at my apartment block sounded at 6am in the morning and we were told to standby for further instruction as the security goes and check it out. It was only then that I saw a message from a lady in Singapore who I have helped recently. The messaged asked me to help her son’s bad cough issue. So, I performed Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment Techniques via Distance Healing for her son at 6am in the morning, hahaha. I checked with her 2 days later and I’m happy to know her son’s cough is not as bad anymore.

BQRT CASE 110 – A family friend WhatsApp me to ask me if I could help on his Piles issue. Of course I said yes. I used BQRT and after the session, he could feel energy moving in both his hands. After 2 days I asked him how was his issue and he told me that the issue was no longer troubling him. However, he also added that the next day after I performed BQRT, he went to see a doctor and was given medication. So he does not know if the BQRT was of any use. I told him, that was immaterial, the important thing is his issue is no longer there.

BQRT CASE 114 – A Follower contacted me via WhatsApp for help on his Eczema issue on his right leg which has been troubling him for past 2 months We then video call and I performed BQRT on his issue. Contacted him after a week and he reported that there was no improvement on his issue.

BQRT CASE 115 – A stranger from PJ contacted me as he was having sleepless nights for past 6 nights – he reckoned it was due to medication he was taking for this Arm/Fingers issue (below case). I performed BQRT for him but he still could not sleep that night, next day he got himself sleeping pills and when I contacted him 2 days later, he told me he could sleep well with the sleeping pills. I am happy to note that he finally managed to sleep.

BQRT CASE 116 – Same person above, Left hand second finger sore & numb and tricep stiff for past 3 weeks. He’s taking medication for this issue. After the BQRT session, if not mistaken, I think he reported his finger did feel some improvement.

BQRT CASE 118 – On a particular day, I woke up just after 10am, which is about the normal time I wake up daily. I saw a WhatsApp message from a Follower (Malaysia time 7am) asking if I could help her husband who was having Severe Back Pain for more than a week and could not get out of bed on that morning. Of course I said yes. So her husband contacted me via WhatsApp Video and I performed BQRT for him. After the session, he felt instant relieve and could turn his waist without much pain; and thus could go to work 🙂

Blocked Qi Release Technique Testimonial Case 118

I am very grateful to the lady who gave me the testimonial above, as you can see for yourself, it is very detail and thus would have taken up a lot of her precious time.

BQRT CASES 119 to 121 – Another stranger from Singapore contacted me via Facebook to ask if I could help her with the pain (several spots more than 5 years) along her spine. I said ok and I performed BQRT over SKYPE on her issues. She also experienced instant relieve to several pain points/spots along/near her spine. I contacted her again after 2 days and I am pleased to inform you that she reported that the pain did not recur.

From the above, most of the people (8 out of 10) I have helped in the last 3 weeks experienced improvement to their issues except for 2 persons (cases 114 and 115).


Once again, I helped others out of Love & Gratitude without prescribing any medication (therefore no side-effects) or poking them with any needles (therefore painless). So, if you have any troubling issue that you have been suffering for months, you have nothing to lose by contacting me.

And best of all, I treated them all, my Friends/Followers (those who have my WhatsApp Contact) and their loved ones, Free Of Charge. However, if you are a stranger to me, you will need to compensate me for my energy.

So Dear Friends, if you have any issues, just contact me and I would be more than pleased to assist you or your loved ones for FREE. What have you got to lose? And the best part is that you can be anywhere on planet earth and I can still help/treat you via Distance Healing (WhatsApp or Skype) – 100% no side effects.

With Love,

The Inner Qi Project Life Force Project