A Message To My Friends

Dearest Friends, God works in mysterious ways where a set back may actually be a blessing in disguise. In my case, because my vision deteriorated back in 2010, I quit being a salaryman on 1.1.2011 while I was still in my early forties, which in turn allowed me to spend quality time with my children every single day as I had to drive them to school (prior to that, all my children were chauffeur driven and I only woke up after 9am and would return home late at night or early in the morning on weekdays). And because I was so damn free, I also started blogging on stuff that earn others pocket money and even fly Business Class for FREE (at my old financial blogs). As such, many of you were grateful and unconditionally continue to support me in this blog (The Inner Qi Project) whereby some of you are now even my good Friends.

However, back in 2016, I came to realize that eventually what I shared in respect of having extra pocket money or a luxurious lifestyle does not equate to happiness, good health and most importantly inner peace (harmony). Therefore, whatever my readers learned will be insignificant later on in their life.

Then out of the blue in April 2016, I found my calling. My best friend (senior management level with a public listed company with architecture background), without any medication or force or needles, healed an issue of mine which I was suffering from for years . It was a miracle as far as I was concerned at that time. But what he used to heal me is no miracle but anyone can learn the skill by simply taking the 4 days Blocked Qi Release Technique (BQRT) seminar taught by Master CK Tan.

So, I signed up for the BQRT class and boy was I glad I did so, because not only did I learn a skill to help others on their issue(s), but more importantly, I found inner peace from Master CK Tan’s teachings in regards to the power of Love & Gratitude.

So, in May 2016, I embarked on a new project and started this blog. And in my Introduction to The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project, I stated 2 prime objectives:


To assist people who have been suffering for months/years with some sort of discomfort and/or chronic pain (can be physical pain or emotional pain) and/or other health/body issues where the source of the problem cannot be diagnosed by medical science. If I can improve a person’s problem related to the body or reduce the discomfort and/or pain, even just slightly, by performing “Blocked Qi Release Technique”, I would consider my action(s) a success in helping the other person (or even animal). Of course the best outcome would be that the pain and/or discomfort disappear entirely.


  • I will post updates on the people I have helped. Of course their true identities will not be revealed. I will post their symptoms and the outcome after I have performed Blocked Qi Release Technique on them. Some may experience immediate relief but for some the healing may take some time. The best is that the people I have helped are willing to give a testimonial.

  • Over time, with me recording the cases here, will enable everyone to see the effectiveness of the Blocked Qi Release Technique. And hopefully more people will seek help from Blocked Qi Release Technique Practitioners (there are currently a few in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan (known as Qi Alignment) plus a few who only “treat” others online) to lessen their suffering so that they can have a better quality of life.

As of December 2017, one and a half years after I took the BQRT class, I have performed more than 100 cases and have been transparent in reporting them here in this blog (click here to read the outcome of my cases). Many of the people I helped were also kind enough to give me their testimonial to show the effectiveness of BQRT in solving their issues (click here to read the BQRT Testimonials).

In respect of the above, I have met both the Primary and Secondary Objectives that I have set out to do back in May 2016. I.e. to spread the news that there are people using holistic methods (not linked to any religion) that works without any side-effects to heal your issue(s) that western medicine can’t.

However, there is a limitation on the BQRT as it can’t heal physical injury. But like I said, God works in mysterious ways. After I achieved inner peace and joy in seeing others being healed using BQRT for more than a year, my best friend introduced me to Wellness Medical Qigong (WMQ) in May 2017. Initially my intention in taking the WMQ classes was purely to learn another skill to compliment my BQRT skill; BUT, to my amazement, the very first WMQ Essential Class did wonders to my own health. So much so, I now recommend the WMQ Essential class (which teaches several types of exercises) to everybody.

I have since then completed all the Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment Technique classes and I am happy to report that I have been certified as a WMQ practitioner by my Grand Master, Dr. Tan Soo Kong.

Nowadays, my passion in life is to help others using both Blocked Qi Release Technique and Wellness Medical Qigong protocols to treat others on their issues. In addition, I will also share with others what I have learned on self-healing through meditation or prayers and how to achieve inner peace with Love & Gratitude.

Now, like I clearly stated in my Introduction to The Inner Qi Project back in May 2016, I did not abandon western medicine and I’m still a believer of it (for example, I am treating my Glaucoma with eye drops). I strongly recommend that in the event you are sick (having health problems) or are in pain or have succumbed to physical injury, go see a Medical Doctor. Once again, always get a second or even third opinion if you are asked to go for an operation.

However, if you or your loved ones have been suffering for months/years with some sort of discomfort and/or chronic pain (can be physical pain or emotional pain) and/or other health/body issues where the source of the problem cannot be diagnosed by medical science……. you have nothing to lose by seeking help from Blocked Qi Release Technique Practitioners and/or Wellness Medical Qigong Practitioners because both methods do not prescribe any medications, therefore, poses no life threatening side effects. Worst case is that you do not experience any improvement; but if you do, your quality of life will be better.

From my own personal experience in helping others using both Wellness Medical Qigong (more than 50 cases) and Blocked Qi Release Technique (more than 100 cases), about 20% of the people I helped (2 out of 10) did not experience any improvement in their issues but the majority are amazed with the results 🙂

I will continue to blog here to share my journey on healing others. However, I will no longer be producing any articles related to Fixed Deposit or Credit Cards effective 2018 here. Also, I won’t be updating any Fixed Deposit Promos here.

So, my dear Friends, if you wish to continue reading/learning more on my healing journey and remain in my Contact/WhatsApp List where I will spam you with stuff now and then, please WhatsApp me before 11.59pm 31st December 2017 with the Code Word – “Friend For Life”.

In respect of the above said matter, should any of you fail to send me the Code Word before the dateline, I will assume that you are not interested in my journey on helping others and do not wish to be disturbed anymore by yours truly, I will then on 1st January 2018 remove you from my Contact List forever so that you’ll no longer receive any spam from me 🙂

Having said the above, when I granted you Friend Status, I have promised to help you, my Friends, free for life should you ever need my help. This offer will remain valid as long as I live or as long as I don’t terminate my WhatsApp number that you have (whichever comes first). So, do not hesitate to contact me should you need any help on your health issues as you have nothing to lose.

2017 has been a wonderful and fulfilling year for me. I thank you for your past support and I wish you all happiness and best of health always. God bless.

With Love,

The Inner Qi Project Life Force Project