Intro – The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project


Let me first introduce myself.

My name is K K. My highest tertiary education level is a Master of Engineering from USA. After graduating, I returned to Malaysia in the early 90’s to start my career and a family. I started off working in an Engineering Consultant Firm. After a couple of years I joined a Contractor because I wanted site experience. After gaining some site experience I returned to the Engineering Consultant Firm for another couple of years. Eventually, I joined a Public Listed Company and remained with the company for more than a decade and had the opportunity to be involved in Property Developments, Oil Palm Plantations, Hotels, Golf Courses, F&B, Automotive Parts, Plastic and etc.

Sometime back in 2009, I was diagnosed with Glaucoma and my right eye had already suffered 70% damaged. Then in 2010, a Malaysian Glaucoma Specialist told me I had to go for an operation but I refused and decided instead that I will quit my salaried job effective 1st January 2011. I was in my early 40’s back then.

For your information, just before Christmas of 2010, I went to Singapore to see a Glaucoma Specialist and guess what, all she did was prescribe a different eye drop and the pressure in my eyes dropped significantly. It has now been 5 years since and I am still using the same medication prescribed by my Singapore doctor and the pressure in my eyes have been stabilized (actually it has gone lower maybe because I don’t have stress anymore, the only stress I have nowadays is – what’s for lunch) and no operation was required.

My advice to you is that it is imperative that you always get a second and even third opinion if you are ever told you need an operation.

Quitting my job was actually a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to spend time with my 3 younger children back in 2011 while they were still in secondary/primary school. My eldest son at that time was already pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering degree in USA. Today, only my youngest daughter is still in high school (in Melbourne). My eldest son has even obtained a Master of Engineering degree from an Ivy League Uni and is now pursuing his third degree, a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree in Australia university ranked in the World’s Top 50 Med School. My second child, a girl, has graduated with a Pharmacy Degree in Melbourne (ranked by QS as World’s Top No.2 in 2017) and currethly pursuing a Masters degree. My third child, a boy, is pursuing an Accounting Degree in Melbourne too (ranked by QS as World’s Top No.11 in 2017).

After I quit my salaried job in 2011, I had lots of free time, so I started a few blogs and eventually consolidated them into a single blog. I would like to believe that my articles were able to assist others and many have thanked me for them. In a nutshell, basically my articles (in my old blogs) were written to assist my readers to earn some pocket money.

I am a very blessed person as I never had to worry about not having food on the table all my life. And I find joy whenever someone tells me that he/she appreciates my past articles. But sometime back in late 2015, I came to realize that whatever assistance I have provided to my readers (in my old blogs) will be of no significance to them later in life. I felt that I am able to do more to benefit my fellow brothers and sisters; but I have no idea at that time what it was.


I have two best friends, and I will call them by their initials here – BY and TF. Both of them are the same age as me, i.e. under 50 years old. All 3 of us meet up very frequently just to chit-chat.

I have known BY since my primary school days. He is a graduate from Australia and he too was with a Public Listed company involved in Property Developments and has climbed the corporate ladder up to Senior Management Level. Last year, he quit his job due to personal reasons and has chose to remain unemployed since then. He is like me where both of us have no intention of returning to work in the property development sector even though we can command high salaries.

I have known TF since my college days (at KDU where BY and I attended for 1 semester right after SPM). He graduated with a Bachelor of Surveying Degree from one of our local universities and now has his own company doing work all over planet earth relating to the Oil & Gas Industry. Among the 3 of us, he is the most successful, career wise.

Anyway, BY took a course on Blocked Qi Release Technique sometime back in 2015, after he was “treated” by a person who took the course. He has been helping people on numerous health matters for about a year. However, BY seldom talks about the skill he has acquired on Blocked Qi Release Technique to TF and I as he knows that both of us would not be bothered about it.

Then sometime back in March 2016, TF mentioned that he had been having sleepless nights for weeks; so, BY offered to assist him by performing Blocked Qi Release Technique. And I was there to witness it before I left for Melbourne for about a month.

When I returned to Malaysia in April 2016, the 3 of us met up again. So, I asked TF if he still had sleepless nights? Well, TF said that ever since BY “treated” him, he could sleep well. So, TF jokingly said that I should ask BY to treat my addiction to cigarettes. But I said no, because I was not ready to give it up. However, I do have “wind” problem and BY suggested that I should see him the next day as he already had plans for that evening.

That same night I was thinking to myself that other than my “wind” problem is there anything else I can ask BY to fix. Then it hit me, for more than 3 years I have been experiencing major discomfort (combination of numbness, tingling and pain) to the soles of my feet, to the extent that sometimes the discomfort is so intense that I cannot sleep. I would frequently go for leg reflexology but the relief would only be temporary. Very often I would soak my legs in hot water to get some relief in order just to have a good night’s rest. I have also seen two specialist on the discomfort to my legs but unfortunately, they were not able to solve my problem. My blood test results was okay except that my cholesterol level was kind of high. My wife said that it may be due to nerve pain; but heck, sure lah it is due to nerve or else I would not be feeling the discomfort/pain.

So, the next day (Monday) at BY’s house, I told him to “treat” my legs instead of my “wind”. He said he will try. Well, BY did some investigation and concluded that my feet discomfort was indeed due to blocked qi. On that day, BY released six (6) blocked qi and had to stop after that as the treatment kind of drained his energy. He told me he would treat me again in 2 days but this time I did not need to go to his house because he could treat me wherever I was. Hard to believe right.

So, I guess you would want to know what happened to my feet, right? Well, it is up to you to believe it or not, but for the first time in years, the discomfort in my feet was reduced to a level that can be considered as insignificant (I still can feel a tiny little bit of discomfort). Prior to BY treating me, whenever I lay on my bed, I could feel as if the discomfort was getting worse by the minute; but that night, both my soles felt “normal”, a feeling that I had not felt for years. It was truly a miracle.

The next day (Tuesday), the discomfort to my soles were still negligible. I had to call BY to tell him that his treatment really worked.

On Wednesday morning, I could feel that the discomfort to my right sole had increased whereas the left sole was okay. Anyway, BY called me around noon to ask me to drink some water as he was going to start “treating” me from his home! After an hour or so, he texted me to say that he had completed the treatment. By the end of the night, once again both my soles had no major discomfort.

I was truly amazed with what BY did for me, i.e. Blocked Qi Release Technique. I cannot really explain in words how happy I am that the discomfort to my soles have been reduced to a level that it no longer annoying to me.

I was so taken in with the Blocked Qi Release Technique that I decided to take the course from the Master himself, Mr. Tan Choon Kiang.

Like I said earlier, I realized that teaching my blog readers to earn some extra pocket money will eventually be of no significance in their later life. However, if I can use my short period here on planet earth to assist others to make their quality of life better, I believe I would be more satisfied with my life.


In traditional Chinese culture qi (also called Ch’i and pronounced as chee) is the vital energy that flows in every living organism. Similar concept to qi – gi (Korean), ki (Japanese) Prana (Indian), pneuma (ancient Greece), mana (Hawaiian), lung (Tibetan), ruah (Hebrew). vital energy in English and of course the Force in Star Wars – May The Force Be With You 🙂

Basically, the flow of qi within a person will determine his/her well being. However, the flow of qi can be blocked (tangled, causing the flow to be disrupted) when the person experiences a significant event. And all of us experience many significant events in our lifetime, thus, this will result in many blocked qi within our body. Our body will adjust to the blocked qi and thus we may not feel any discomfort or our body may tolerate/accept it.

Having said the above, blocked qi can also happen because of events that may seem insignificant to us when our body is vulnerable (tired, sick, under stress, etc).

With time, because our inner life force energy flow is not perfect due to blocked qi (the vital energy flow is tangled and accumulated in a form of a ball, thus emitting vibration to the rest of our body); it will trigger problems to other parts of our body, our well being will eventually be affected and our body will tell us something is wrong by showing up as symptoms (e.g. migraines, shoulder pain, neck pain, etc).

Google the following subjects to have an insight about Qi and releasing blocked Qi:

1. Qi wikipedia. Qi is a Chinese word and is also known as Life Force and Vital Energy.

2. Blocked Qi Release Technique.

Now, if you ask me how the Blocked Qi Release Technique works, I am going to be frank with you, I don’t know. It can’t be explained with science. But I don’t really care HOW IT WORKS because I do know IT DOES WONDERS for me, and that is all that matters.

First thing first, I had to sign up for the Blocked Qi Release Technique Course. It is a four days course from 9am to 6pm. For those (in particular those educated based on the western system) who have not experience or heard from people who have benefited from Blocked Qi Release Technique, they would most probably say that I have spent good money on some useless course.

The class I attended on the Blocked Qi Release Technique was taught by the Master himself, Mr. C K Tan. The class had about 30 people from various faiths including 2 doctors and 4 engineers (including myself). I tell you, each and everyone of us were amazed with our new found skill to help not only ourselves, our family members but others too. What impressed me most is, at the end of the four days seminar, all of us experienced some kind of healing (may it be physical or emotion), were happier and a much loving bunch of people.

And the Blocked Qi Release Technique has nothing to do with religion. Nobody is going to preach to you and try to influence you on any religion. A person practicing the Blocked Qi Release Technique intention is purely to release the blocked qi that is affecting his/her or another person’s health; so that the person being “treated” can have a better quality of life.


I am pleased to inform you that I have completed the Blocked Qi Release Technique Beginner and Advance courses by Master C K Tan and I am ready to assist you to improve your quality of life.

You must be wondering why the heck am I calling my assistance to others The Inner Qi (Life Force) Project – Optimizing Your Vital Energy Flow To Achieve A Better Life.

When I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from a USA Uni, I took the Oath Of The Engineer –

I am an Engineer.

In my profession I take deep pride. To it I owe solemn obligations.

Since the Stone Age, Human Progress has been spurred by the Engineering Genius. Engineers have made usable Nature’s vast resources of Materials and Energy for Humanity’s Benefit.

Engineers have vitalized and turned to practical use the Principles of Science and the Means of Technology. Were it not for this heritage of accumulated experiences, my efforts would be feeble.

As an engineer, I, (full name), pledge to practice Integrity and Fair Dealing, Tolerance, and Respect, and to uphold devotion to the standards and dignity of my profession, conscious always that my skill carries with it the obligation to serve humanity by making best use of the Earth’s precious wealth.

As an engineer, I shall participate in none but honest enterprises. When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good. In the performance of duty, and in fidelity to my profession, I shall give the utmost.

– The Obligation of the Engineer

Well, the most important parts of the above oath is very relevant to what I have set out to do:

I am going to make use of Nature’s Energy for Humanity’s Benefit. When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good. Now, I am not abandoning the oath to use Principal of Science and the Means of Technology, I am a believer of western medicine (example, I am treating my Glaucoma with eye drops), so, if you are sick (having health problems) or have succumbed to physical injury, I strongly advise you to go see a Medical Doctor. And once again, always get a second or even third opinion if you are asked to go for an operation.

Secondly, ever since I graduated from Uni, I have been undertaking one project after another. So when I was deciding on a name for what I have set out to do, adding the word “project” was just the natural thing to do, so I came up with The Inner Qi (Life Force) Project. And since I am from the Star Wars – A New Hope generation, adding the word Life Force was also natural, hahaha. On a serious note, this project will be a lifetime project for me and hopefully I will be able to assist others in achieving a better quality of life by removing their problem/irritation which is affecting them.

Third, as for my motto/slogan – Optimizing Your Vital Energy Flow To Achieve A Better Quality Of Life, since I am an Engineer by training, I have been taught to optimize by using limited resources available. Now, I have earlier mentioned that throughout our lifetime, we will experience many significant events that will cause many blocked qi within our body. Therefore, it is impossible for me to release all your blocked qi, what I will try to do is release as many blocked qi that can be identified (related to your misery made known to me) so that your inner qi can flow at an optimum level.


Like I mentioned earlier, this is a project of mine. As in any project, resources will need to be expended and time will tell if a project is a success or a failure.

So what are my objectives?


To assist people who have been suffering for months/years with some sort of discomfort and/or chronic pain (can be physical pain or emotional pain) and/or other health/body issues where the source of the problem cannot be diagnosed by medical science. If I can improve a person’s problem related to the body or reduce the discomfort and/or pain, even just slightly, by performing “Blocked Qi Release Technique”, I would consider my action(s) a success in helping the other person (or even animal). Of course the best outcome would be that the pain and/or discomfort will disappear entirely.


  • I will post updates on the people I have helped.  Of course their true identities will not be revealed. I will post their symptoms and the outcome after I have performed Blocked Qi Release Technique on them. Some may experience immediate relief but for some the healing may take some time some. The best is that the people I have helped are willing to give a testimonial.
  • Over time, with me recording the cases here, this will enable everyone to see the effectiveness of the Blocked Qi Release Technique. And hopefully more people will seek help from Blocked Qi Release Technique Practitioners (there are currently a few in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan (known as Qi Alignment) plus a few who only “treat” others online) to lessen their suffering so that they can have a better quality of life.

This website is not about healthy living as I am in no position to advise you on what is good or bad for your health since I am a smoker. It is all about my intention to help alleviate the suffering of people so that they can have a better quality of life.


I am no miracle healer. For the record, I do believe in miracles. Many of my wife’s relatives are staunch Christians. One of her aunties even cured herself from terminal cancer by praying to the Lord after being told she had only months to live!!! And two of my wife’s cousins do not even send their children to doctors but just pray to the Lord. My family and I on the other hand are Taoist.

In no way am I claiming that I can cure any diseases or you should you stop taking any of your medication.

If you are sick (e.g. fever, infected with a contagious disease) or suffer from physical injury (e.g. broken bone or have been shot), go see a doctor. However, if your doctor can’t assist or diagnose the cause of your discomfort which you are experiencing for months or years (e.g. migraine, wind, shoulder pain, back pain, hand pain, leg pain or any part of your body has issues) or other perpetual problems that is affecting your quality of life (e.g. eczema, insomnia, frequent anxiety attacks, can’t concentrate on your work, get agitated easily, ED and etc) and you have no one else to ask for help, then maybe I can assist you. As for removing addiction to cigarettes, that has nothing to do with blocked qi but purely one’s own choice, hahaha.

Now I say maybe I can assist you, this is because I am not a miracle healer and sometimes your health issue may not be due to blocked qi but instead is due to other factors like parasites, environment (e.g. toxic gas or polluted water), allergies, toxins (e.g. alcohol, tobacco and drugs), geopathic stress (you should also google to read more about this) and etc. Basically, what I do is to determine if there are Blocked Qis related to your issue and release it so that your Qi (Vital Energy) flow improves and your body can heal itself.

So, if you (or your parent or your child or someone you know or even your pet) has issue(s) that is affecting your ability to live life to the fullest, you have nothing to lose by having me (or other BQRT Practitioners) assist you or your loved ones to achieve a better quality of life by using Blocked Qi Release Technique.

With the Blocked Qi Release Technique, you will not experience any sort of pain since I am not going to insert any needles or put pressure on any part of your body. There are no side effects because I am not prescribing any sort of medication or supplements.

And if I cannot be of any assistance… well, you are no worst off compared to your current state. But if you do not try it, it may be your lost.



My very first case of helping another person after I completed the Blocked Qi Release Technique Seminar was on the morning of 25th May 2016 (the very next day after I completed Master CK Tan 4 days BQRT Seminar). I have known this lady for more than a year. I asked her if she had any pain in her body? She said she had “waist” pain. I asked if she was experiencing the waist pain at that moment and she said no. So, I said, if you have no pain, how am I going to help you?

The lady then said that she has pain in her left knee. I then asked her how long she has been experiencing the pain and what is the scale of the pain at that moment. She replied that she has been having pain to her left knee for the last 6 months and she rated the pain at that moment to be 3 out of 10.

Now, I have something to work on, i.e. Left Knee Pain for last 6 months and pain level at 3.

I then tried to identify the blocked qi that is contributing to the lady’s left knee pain. After I released the blocked qi (the entire process took less than 10 minutes), I asked her what is the scale of the pain? Well, she then checked and to her surprised, she said the pain was gone. Well, I was surprised too as I did not expect the pain to immediately disappear completely!

This particular lady only had 1 blocked qi contributing to her left knee pain. Some people may have more than 1. If you recall, in my case, BY released more than 6 blocked qi that contributed to my extreme discomfort in the soles of my feet.

The next day, on 26th May 2016 at around 9pm, I WhatsApped her to ask if she still had pain in her left knee. She replied, her left knee was okay and thanked me.

I tell you, the feeling of being able to assist this lady by relieving her suffering and her being grateful to me is the best feeling in the world 🙂



As of December 2017, I have been attended to more than 100 cases and have been  transparent in reporting them. To read the outcome of my cases using Blocked Qi Release Technique, please click here to read them at My BQRT CASES Page.

Alternately, you may prefer to just read Testimonials from my Clients whom I have helped using Blocked Qi Release Technique.



in May 2017, I was blessed with a new sifu, Master Tan Soo Kong, who have selflessly shared his knowledge and skill on Medical QiGong to people all around the world to benefit humanity.

I took the first Wellness Medical Qigong class on 13 & 14 May and since then I have experienced wonders to my body. Nowadays I am more energetic and I must say that my vision has also improved. Click here to read my introductory article To Medical Qigong Essential and Self-Healing.

I strongly recommend the Essential Qigong class to each and everyone of you as you will learn a new skill in just 2 days but will benefit you throughout your lifetime (and you can easily teach your loved ones the Lying Down Breathing Technique which will also benefit them).

I have completed the Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment Technique modules and I am now ready to treat others using Wellness Medical Qigong too. FYI, Medical Qigong can be used to treat all kinds of physical and emotional ailments including as a therapy for cancer.

So basically now I have 2 skills, i.e. Blocked Qi Release Technique and Wellness Medical Qigong, to help others on their issues 🙂


Last but not least, I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading this.

May you all be blessed with perpetual good health and happiness always 🙂

With love,

K K @ The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project