Burning Money

This section was designed to encourage you to spend money chasing after “shiok sendiri” sensations 🙂


On 9th December 2016, I bought the Samsung Gear S3 with my Maybank Visa Infinite and opted for 0% 6 Months installment plan. So, with the retail price of RM1399, I will be only be paying RM233 for 6 months and as such I won’t even feel the damage as it would be negligible compared to my other credit card transactions.

On 2nd January 2017, I bought the Rolex Air King 116900 and I tell you. I am so freaking happy because the serial number ends with 883!!!

March 2017 – Finally, a new Rolex Moonphase and the best Rolex World Traveller’s Watch, i.e. Sky Dweller, is available in steel combined with white gold or yellow gold making it more affordable.

How to confirm your Rolex is not a fake, hahaha.


I purchased a BMW and on Valentine’s Day 2017 they issued my BMW White Card and sent it out via courier :). This article is by invitation only.


Posted 8 July 2016. I just got back from Europe. Damn tiring trip…. walk and walk whole day… and burning money on luxury goods.


This article is By Invitation Only. If you fly with AirAsia, you better read this article for your own good


This article is By Invitation Only. How To REALLY Save Money From Online Hotel Bookings


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