In this section I will post on spirits I have tasted and share with you my collection in Malaysia and Australia.




Martell Cordon Bleu Limited Edition 300

The best cognac I ever tasted – Martell Limited Edition Cordon Bleu 300 Years Blend. I still have 2 unopened bottles in KL and also 2 bottles in Melbourne.

Hennessy XO Gold Limited Edition

I will never open this bottle….. unless for a very special occasion. The above shows the bottle I have in KL and I have another unopened Hennessy Limited Edition Gold bottle in Melbourne.

Chabot Extra Best World Armagnac 2016

Chabot Extra is an Award Winning Armagnac where it won The World’s Best Armagnac 2015. This bottle is in my collection in KL and I have never tasted a Chabot Extra before in my life, hahaha.


World’s Best Whiskey 2015. I bought this bottle for less than RM500 in KL back in 2015. And in August 2017, it was selling for RM910 at Jaya Grocer @ The Gardens KL!!! This bottle finished, gone, kaput! No longer in my collection except for the empty bottle, hahaha

Martell Cordon Bleu Limited Edition Intense Heat 2017 Taste

I bought this bottle sometime in June 2017 at KLIA Eraman. It tasted okay only, not worth the price if you ask me. The Martell 300 Tricentenaire tasted much much better.

Louis XIII vs Hennessy XO

Louis XIII versus Hennessy XO – I prefer the XO, hahaha


Courvoisier 12 Years

I bought the Courvoisier 12 Years at KLIA2 Eraman in early August 2017. You would think that it would be pretty costly since it states 12 Years but I paid less than RM250 for it (I get 10% discount with the Eraman Privilege Card)! The aroma was nice and as for the taste, I have nothing to complain for the price I paid.



Spirit Collection Australia 2016 Melbourne WinesMelbourne WhiskeysMelbourne Cognac



Johnnie Walker 15 Years Green Label

Nikka From The Barrel Award Winning Whisky

Bought this Nikka From The Barrel for AUD82 from BWS in Sept 2017

XO Cognac Collection Melbourne Sep 2017

XO Collection Sept 2017 in Melbourne. Sadly, I only have 1 bottle of the fabulous Limited Edition Cordon Bleu 300 Years left in Melbourne. However, I still have 2 unopened bottles of the LE Cordon Bleu 300 Years in my collection in KL.

VSOP Cognac Collection Melbourne Sep 2017

Whisky Collection Melbourne Sep 2017

Added a bottle of the Multiple Award Winning Nikka From The Barrel and Best Scotch Blended Whisky for 2017 Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Years to my really limited whisky collection.

Opened Bottles Sept 2017 Melbourne

What I have been drinking recently. The Award winning Gautier XO almost habis. Not shown in this photo are a bottle of Remy Martin XO, a normal Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve¬† and a Hennessy VSOP which I finished this year. If you notice, I would buy 2 bottles of a particular hard to get liquor (e.g. Yama 12, Gautier XO and Martell Cordon Bleu Limited Edition 300 Years) – one to try and the other to keep, hahaha.

Red Wine Collection Melbourne Sep 2017

Two bottles of Wolf Blass Black Label habis. As for the Wolf Blass Grey Label, I keep restocking as I can get a bottle for about AUD30 at DAn Murphy’s practically all year round.

Liquor Collection Melbourne Sep 2017


My Johnnie Walker Collection as of November 2017 and I’m not even a Whisky fan, hahaha. Click here to my article on Whisky Prices in KL & Melbourne for more photos and info on my Johnnie Walkers.

Johnnie Walker Green 18 Years Platinum


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And if you are flying with AirAsia, do check out their Big Duty Free Promos once a while. Back in August 2017 a Follower/Friend shared with me they were having 30% discount and I bought 3 bottles of XO. Then in September 2017, they had a MATTA Fair Promo which entitled us another 10% discount on top of the 30% discount! So I bought another Hennessy XO 1L for RM627.48 and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label 1L for only RM559.44 which were a steal.

AirAsia Discount Hennessy XO 30 plus 10

Johnnie Walker Big Duty Free Discount

More to come soon……………..