A Message To My Friends

Dearest Friends, God works in mysterious ways where a set back may actually be a blessing in disguise. In my case, because my vision deteriorated back in 2010, I quit being a salaryman on 1.1.2011 while I was still in my early forties, which in turn allowed me to spend quality time with my children … Continue reading A Message To My Friends


The End Goal – To Depart This World With A Smile

We are born into this world crying and hopefully we get to depart this world with a smile. We are all born to Eat, Shit and Sleep. In between these 3 actions, we would either be working, studying or entertaining ourselves. When I say entertaining ourselves - it means the stuff we do to keep … Continue reading The End Goal – To Depart This World With A Smile

The Art Of Breathing – QiGong

An article by Master Tan Soo Kong, D.Sc.(AM), Ph.D. Founder of Wellness Medical Qigong (WMQ). The contents below are republished with permission from Master Tan Soo Kong. We breathe to live, and live by breathing. Breathing is regulated by the respiratory control centres located in the two lowest segments of the brain stem. Our minds … Continue reading The Art Of Breathing – QiGong