Wellness Medical Qigong Testimonials

Since I took the Wellness Medical Qigong Essential class taught by Master Tan Soo Kong in early May 2017, I have been recommending to all my Followers and friends to take it too. This is because the 2 days course of benefitted me tremendously. It has been a long time since I felt so energetic. Click here to read my Introduction To Wellness Medical QiGong – Essential and Self-Healing article.

A few of my Followers have also signed up for the course after reading the said article above. Below is a WhatsApp message by one of them.

Appreciation by GS

Appreciation message by one of my Followers for recommending Wellness Medical Qigong to him

And in late May 2017, I attendant the Treatment Technique Part I course and since then I have been helping others with their issues using Medical Qigong. Hopefully some of them will give me their testimonials so that I can share them with you guys.

FYI, I’m still using Blocked Qi Release Technique to assist others. But now I have another skill, i.e. Medical Qigong, and depending on the situation, I will use one or the other or both 🙂 For Testimonials from people I have helped using Blocked Qi Release Technique, please click here.