Wellness Medical Qigong Testimonials

Since I took the Wellness Medical Qigong Essential class taught by Master Tan Soo Kong in early May 2017, I have been recommending to all my Followers and friends to take it too. This is because the 2 days course of benefitted me tremendously. It has been a long time since I felt so energetic. Click here to read my Introduction To Wellness Medical QiGong – Essential and Self-Healing article.

A few of my Followers have also signed up for the course after reading the said article above. Below is a WhatsApp message by one of them.

Appreciation by GS

Appreciation message by one of my Followers for recommending Wellness Medical Qigong to him


FYI, in the Essential Qigong class by Master Tan Soo Kong, we were taught several exercises and one of them is the Lying Down Breathing Exercise which consist of 3 different techniques. My Master is a selfless person where he encouraged us to share his Wellness Medical Qigong Lying Down Breathing Techniques with others. And since then I have been sharing the Lying Down Breathing Techniques with Friends and relatives; and those who practiced it have reported that they have benefited from it.

I was in Melbourne for a week in May 2017 to attend my daughter’s convocation and met up with one of my Followers who resides in Melbourne. I taught this young gentleman, who is an Engineer by education, the Lying Down Breathing Techniques. On 26 June 2017 (about a month later), he WhatsApp me his testimonial on how the Lying Down Breathing Technique has benefited him; but I noted he only performed one of the technique while sitting, hahaha

Lying Down Breathing 1a

Benefits of Wellness Medical Qigong Breathing Technique

The above gentleman did finally perform the Lying Down Breathing Exercise where he performed all the 3 breathing techniques and WhatsApp me that he did experienced “improved concentration” and warm (it’s winter in Australia).

FYI, as of June 2017, I have completed the Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment Technique Part I and Part II course. I have been helping others with their issues using Medical Qigong and hopefully some of them will give me their testimonials so that I can share them with you guys.

FYI, I’m still using Blocked Qi Release Technique to assist others. But now I have another skill, i.e. Medical Qigong, and depending on the situation, I will use one or the other or both 🙂 For Testimonials from people I have helped using Blocked Qi Release Technique, please click here.

Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment CASE 4 & 5

Testimonial BQRT 78 79 and WMQ 4 5

I first helped this IT Professional using Blocked Qi Release Technique on 10th May 2017 on his Migraine and High Blood Pressure issues.

When I completed the Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment Technique Part I (there are 4 Parts) sometime end of May 2017, I immediately offered to help him once again on his issues (Migraine and Hign Blood Pressure), this time using Wellness Medical Qigong, and he happily accepted my offer. After I completed the Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment Protocols on his Migraine and Hign BP issues at his home, I taught him one of the many breathing exercises of Wellness Medical Qigong and I am happy that is has benefited him, i.e. not only his migraine which he has been suffering for more than 30 years is under control but he can fall asleep faster.