Meridian Tapping Technique

A Quick and Simple DIY Method To Get Immediate Relieve Due To Sudden Issue


Those of you who have Friend and iFriend status or Liked me and Messaged me at Facebook prior to 1st December would have received The Meridian Tapping Technique out of Love from me and Gratitude for your support.

If you have yet to receive the Meridian Tapping Technique from me, please message me at my Facebook Page (click here)  and I will give you images that you can store in your smartphone so that in the event of a sudden issue that is troubling/irritating you, you can use it. The images will list the sequence and show you points to tap.

The Meridian Tapping Technique was taught by my Master and he asked us to share it with others. The Meridian Tapping Technique is a DIY (Do It Yourself) technique to assist in reducing/alleviating any sudden issues you may have.

The Meridian Tapping Technique can be used for any non-medical issues, and some of the examples are:

  • Pain in any part of the body, examples – stiff shoulder, stiff back, backside pain, etc. BUT if you have chest pain, immediately go to the hospital!
  • Headache
  • Craving – examples (1) you need to smoke but you are not permitted to do so; (2) you are craving for a particular food that is calorie rich but you are on a diet; and (3) you are craving for some delicious meat but you have to be a vegan on that day, hahaha.
  • Feel like vomiting.
  • Any other sudden issues that is troubling or irritating you.

The Meridian Tapping Technique will not help you on chronic issues that you may be facing, e.g. leg pain for months. For chronic issue(s), Blocked Qi Released Technique is more appropriate and that’s where I come in 🙂


The Meridian Tapping Technique, has helped me on several sudden issues – 1) When I strained my back, 2) Headache and 3) Craving for cigarette (sad to say I have not quit smoking as of date).

Nowadays, my backside hurt whenever I fly with AirAsia or Malaysia Airlines Berhad between KL and Melbourne. During my trip from Melbourne to KL in September 2016, my ass was hurting like hell and thus preventing me from getting a good rest. So I used the Meridian Tapping Technique.

I was half asleep, more like damn freaking tired as the flight was the midnight flight and I had no idea what time it was. For the SETTING UP PHASE, I did physically tap on my palm while repeating the “magic” words. However, for the remaining sequence where I needed to tap starting from the edge of the eyebrow to lastly, the head, I imagined in my mind that I was tapping them while mentally also repeating the issue (backside pain)!

And guess what? After I completed the sequence, my ass hurt less, i.e. from a scale of 8 to 2; and thereafter I could sleep until we landed at KLIA 2.

However, I would like to state that I have been sharing the Meridian Tapping Technique to many of my friends and relatives where I guide them by performing it together, so much so, it’s second nature to me.


I have also WhatsApp the Meridian Tapping Technique Images (which I have sent to many of you) to my wife and my children so that the sequence is stored in their smartphones.

However, initially, my children did not take it seriously until…… here’s the story:

Back in June 2016, while in a taxi which was quite stuffy, from our hotel in London to Heathrow Airport, my eldest daughter was having a headache and my second son was feeling nauseous (he was even holding a plastic bag, just in case). Then my youngest daughter, while laughing at them, sarcastically said, use Papa’s Meridian Tapping lah.

Yah, it then hit me that they should use the Meridian Tapping Technique. So, I guided my second son (who this year entered a World’s Top 30 University for Accounting according to QS), step by step and the moment he finished the Meridian Tapping Technique, he “threw” away the plastic bag, i.e. his urge to vomit had disappeared.

And immediately after my son threw away the plastic bag he was holding, to my surprise, my second daughter (who is in her final year of her Pharmacy Degree in Melbourne where QS listed it in the World’s Top 5 Best Uni for Pharmacy) suddenly exclaimed OMG!  You see,  she was quietly also performing the Meridian Tapping Technique on her headache and it worked because her headache had reduced too!


One day while having dinner with my uncle and cousins in KL in September 2016, one of my cousins who was back for his Uni break (he’s doing Law in one of the TOP 10 Law University in UK) mentioned that he sprained his shoulder earlier that day.

So, I offered to teach him the Meridian Tapping Technique but he was actually embarrassed to perform it in public. I said to him – who cares? Nobody in the restaurant knew him. My uncle told my cousin that he has to believe that the Meridian Tapping Technique will work but I said that was not necessary but just try it out.

So, my cousin reluctantly followed me on the sequence of the Meridian Tapping Technique. Yes, I was also performing the Meridian Tapping Technique together in order to guide him on the sequence and I could not care less if others were watching.

Well, to my cousin’s surprise, his shoulder pain reduced from a scale of 4 to 2 after he completed the Meridian Tapping. I taught him that he could repeat the Meridian Tapping Technique but to add the word “Remainder” before the issue and that he did not need to say it out loud but just in his head. Well, to his surprise again, after he completed the MTT for the second time with the word REMAINDER in front of the Issue, his shoulder pain reduced further to a scale of about 0.5!!! My cousin admitted that he was skeptical before trying out the Meridian Tapping Technique but he’s now a believer of it 🙂


Just in case some of you still do not understand how to perform the sequence I provided to you, click on the link below where you will see a video on the Meridian Tapping Technique.

In the Meridian Tapping Technique Images I sent to you, you will notice that there is no mention about tapping the wrist. And if you have listened carefully in the video, it is stated that the wrist tapping is OPTIONAL.

Also note, the above video does not teach you about using the word REMAINDER, which I have taught you. I.e. If you are performing the Meridian Tapping Technique on the same issue for the second time, add the word REMAINDER before the issue.


With the above, if you have a sudden/emergency issue, you have nothing to lose by trying the Meridian Tapping Technique even if you are skeptical. It takes only about 2 minutes to perform and complete the Meridian Tapping Technique and you will experience immediate results, that’s even faster than Panadol to come into effect.

It is imperative that you set the scale of your issue (0 to 10) before you proceed with the Set Up Phase followed by the tapping sequence. After you finish the Meridian Tapping Technique, identify the scale again so that you can “feel” the difference, i.e. any improvement. And if you are going to immediately repeat the Meridian Tapping Technique again on the same issue, remember to add to word “REMAINDER” before the issue and after you finish the tapping sequence, identify the scale again.

Now, from the above, I also showed you that you DO NOT NEED TO SAY OUT LOUD the issue while tapping but can do it mentally. However, for the first few times, I recommend that you say it out loud so that you are familiar with it, especially for the Setting Out Phase.

AND if you have performed the Meridian Tapping Technique many time, maybe you can even be like me where I DID NOT PHYSICALLY tap the points BUT IMAGE I WAS DOING SO, as in the case where I mentioned my ass hurt like hell while in the plane from Melbourne to KL. However, I would recommend that you physically tap the points but not necessarily say out loud the issue while tapping.

Now, with the images I have provided to you and the video above, if any of you guys are still blur on how to perform the Meridian Tapping Technique, contact me and I will give you a good lecture for not reading carefully what I have messaged you and then teach you Step by Step the Meridian Tapping Technique via video call until you get it, for FREE too, hahaha.

Last but not least, share this article with everyone that you love/care. Also sent out the Meridian Tapping Technique Images which I sent to you to your loved ones, i.e. download the cards to your smartphone and sent it via WhatsApp; so, that the sequence and points to tap can be stored in their smartphone and they have access to it even if they are not online.

With love,

K K @ The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project