Rolex Security and Authenticity Features

I learned a thing or two about Rolex security and authenticity features which I thought I would share with you. Rolex watches produced after 2005 would have the word ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX laser engraved around the rehaut (inner bezel between the dial and crystal, also known as the flange) AND the watch Serial Number at … Continue reading Rolex Security and Authenticity Features


I Found My Inner Peace with Rolex Air King

Update February 2017 A few weeks ago I told you guys that I was looking for an all black watch and I thought I found the perfect one, i.e. Samsung Gear S3. Click here to read my article/review on my Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch. However, I also mentioned in my facebook post that I like … Continue reading I Found My Inner Peace with Rolex Air King