Prior to 2018, I had 2 Testimonial Pages, one for Blocked Qi Release Technique (since May 2016) and one for Wellness Medical Qigong (since August 2017).

I started off using Blocked Qi Release Technique (BQRT) to help others after I took the class back in May 2016 and as of January 2018, I have more than 133 recorded cases.

As for Wellness Medical Qigong, I started helping others after taking the Treatment Technique Part I class in August. I have since then completed all the Treatment Technique modules and I have been certified by my Grand Master as a Practitioner. As of January 2018, I have more than 55 WMQ Cases.

So, nowadays, I use both BQRT and WMQ to help others. The reason why I use both techniques is because they can compliment each other.

BQRT is only effective for issues related to Emotions, which is most often times, the case, and can be easily performed within minutes via Distance Healing.

WMQ on the other hand has strict protocols to follow. Therefore, I cannot use short cuts, hahaha. Seriously, WMQ is very effective for pain and injury and many other issues plus it also can be done via Distance Healing 🙂

And by combining both healing methods, the success rate for the people I have helped on their issues is very good.

Therefore, starting 2018, I will combine all BQRT and WMQ testimonials given to me here at this Testimonial 2018 Page.

BQRT CASE 124 & WMQ Case 52

I will start off with a lady I first started helping on 3rd December 2017 using BQRT via Distance Healing (she lives in Bentong while I was in KL) and followed up using Wellness Medical Qigong on 12 Dec 2017 (we met up in KL).

BQRT Testimonial Case 124 Right Heel Pain

Testimonial WMQ Case 52


Dear Friends, as you are well aware, both Blocked Qi Release Technique and Wellness Medical Qigong has no detrimental side effects as I won’t be prescribing any medication and is painless as I won’t be using any pressure or needles 🙂

Therefore, if you have any issue that is troubling you for months/years and no one is ablbe to help you, you have nothing to lose byt contacting me.


I would like to thank all those who have taken the trouble to write the above Testimonials  as it shows their gratitude where their issues have improved for the better and as such living a better quality of life 🙂

With Love,

The Inner Qi Project Life Force Project

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