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As I mentioned in my Introductory Post to The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project, I would be most grateful to those who are willing to give me a testimonial after I helped with Blocke Qi Release Technique.

Below are the testimonials that I have received from the kind people that I have “treated”:


BQRT Testimonial Case 1

Case 1 – Testimonial sent via WhatsApp

BQRT Testimonial Case 1 Translate

Testimonial Case 1 Translated into English


BQRT Testimonial Case 5

Case 5 Testimonial sent via WhatsApp

CASE 7 & 8

BQRT Testimonial Case 7

Case 7 and 8 – Testimonial sent via Facebook Message


CASE 10 & 11

BQRT Testimonial Case 10 and 11

Case 10 & 11 Testimonials



BQRT Testimonial Case 12 and 13

Case 13 Testimonial



BQRT Testimonial Case 17

Case 17 Testimonial


CASE 15. 16, 18 & 20

BQRT Testimonial Case 15 16 18 and 20


BQRT Testimonial Case 23


BQRT Testimonial Case 26

CASE 26 – Testimonial written on PC and then taken with mobile phone camera and sent to me via WhatsApp



BQRT Testimonial Case 27


BQRT Testimonial Case 30


BQRT Testimonial Case 38 and 39

BQRT Testimonial Case 38 and 39 Translate

CASE 42 & 43

BQRT Testimonial Case 42 and 43

The above testimonial for CASE 42 (Stiff Neck) and CASE 43 (Lower Back Pain) was sent to me via WhatsApp on 26 February 2017. I helped this person in Dec 2016, in total 3 sessions, i.e. 3 different dates in December 2016 using Blocked Qi Release Technique on 2 issues which were troubling him. After 2 months since I last helped him using Blocked Qi Release Technique (BQRT), he gave me this Testimonial. Which is good in a way as it shows the effectiveness of BQRT. As you can see, the improvement on his issues have maintained since end of last year after I performed BQRT and one issue (his Lower Back Pain) even got better.


BQRT Testimonial Case 49

Above Testimonial CASE 49. Sometime back in September 2016, I told a very good friend about Blocked Qi Release Technique and I asked if he has any issue that I can help. He said he was fine but his wife often has migraine. So I offered to help his wife if she wanted. Then out of the blue on 9th January 2017, my friend called me to say his wife’s migraine was extremely bad so I rushed to his house and assisted his wife.Β  I called my friend on 7th Feb 2017 to check how is his wife and I am happy to know she is in good health and they just returned from an overseas holiday. I asked him for a Testimonial and his wife happily gave me this Testimonial on 8th February 2017.


BQRT Testimonial Case 54

Testimonial CASE 54 – I have known this lady for close to a year. She is a Head of Department (KL Office) for an International Company. All the BQRT sessions were performed via Distance Healing, i.e. WhatsApp. She was in Petaling Jaya and I was in 8Melbourne.

In my article/report titled My BQRT Cases 31 to 53 Of Helping Others To Achieve A Better Quality Of Life, I mentioned that in December 2016, I realized that more than one blocked qi released technique session may be required on an issue. So nowadays, I would recommend to my “clients” that they have at least 2 or 3 sessions for a particular issue. As you can observed from CASE 54 above, 3 sessions of Blocked Qi Release Technique were performed within 3 days of each other and each time there was an improvement on the issue, i.e. initially my client’s issue was that both her legs experienced pain from soles and front main veins to knees. By the 3rd session, only 2 of her toes on her left left had issue of numbness.

CASE 57 & 58

BQRT Testimonial Case 57 and 58

Unlike my previous cases where I personally know my “clients” or they were Followers of my previous Finance Blog, the gentleman who gave me the above testimonial was a total stranger who happened to google and stumbled upon my The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project Dotcom site. He contacted me via Facebook Message to seek my assistance.Β  He has been suffering from his shoulder and neck pain for the last 10 years and experienced immediate relieve with Blocked Qi Release Technique which I performed via SKYPE. FYI, he was in KL/Puchong and I was in Melbourne. He was so grateful that he immediately gave his testimonial after the second session for his issues related to his shoulder pain and lower back pain.


BQRT Testimonial Case 60

Above photo shows a gift from a lady whom I have helped using Blocked Qi Release Technique on her migraine (CASE 60) in Melbourne. It is as good as a testimonial as it shows her gratitude. FYI, this lady stays in the same Melbourne apartment complex as I do. I am pleased to inform you that she is my very first non–Asian BQRT client πŸ™‚


BQRT Testimonial Case 62

Above Testimonial is from a gentleman whom I helped with Blocked Qi Release Technique on his issue of Cannot Sleep Due To Stress From Work for the last 8 to 9 months. The first session was performed on 22nd March 2017 via Distance Healing over WhatsApp (he’s in KL and I’m in Melbourne). The second session was scheduled on 30th March at 10am (Malaysia Time) and guess what? He overslept on that day, hahaha.

On the day of the second session of BQRT on 30 March 2017 for his issue of Cannot Sleep Well, he told me that after I performed BQRT for this issue more than a week ago, he could sleep very well everyday!!! So I performed BQRT for his other issues instead.

This gentleman is one of my wife’s jewellers. The last time I bought a GIA diamond from him was in December 2015, and he contacted me before Chinese New Year 2016 to say that he has goodies for me but I was in Melbourne then. I did not buy any jewelry from his outlet during the entire 2016. A few days before Chinese New Year 2017, he contacted me again and asked me to drop by his outlet as again he had goodies for me πŸ™‚ So, I dropped by his outlet just before CNY and he gave me cookies and several pretty nice costume bracelets to my wife for FREE. I was grateful that he still remembered me and asked if he had any issues that were troubling him as I may be able to assist him with Blocked Qi Release Technique. However, since he was working that day and could not leave the shop, I told him I will contact him another day.

I then flew to Melbourne in early February and only contacted him again via WhatsApp in early March 2017. He then read a few of the Testimonials I have posted and decided that he shall try Blocked Qi Release Technique. I asked for a Testimonial relating to his Cannot Sleep Case and he happily gave me one on the same day via WhatsApp. As you can observe from his testimonial (image above), he’s grateful that Blocked Qi Release Technique works for him πŸ™‚


BQRT Testimonial Case 63

The comprehensive testimonial above is from an Engineer who graduated from an Australian Uni and was also a Follower at my old finance blog for ages. I only spoke to him for the first time on 22 March 2017 via WhatsApp Video to perform the 1st session of BQRT on his knee pain/discomfort issue. I contacted him again about a week after the second session of BQRT (which was performed on 28 March) to ask how’s his issue, and he replied it was okay and offered to give me a testimonial before I asked for it, he knows me too well, hahaha.

CASE 65 & 66

BQRT Testimonial Case 65 and 66

On 28th March 2017, I once again helped the “stranger” who gave me the testimonial for CASE 57 (Shoulder Pain for more than 10 years) & 58 (Lower Back Pain for more than 12 years)Β  posted above. This time Blocked Qi Release Technique was performed on his issues relating to Swollen Knee & Pain When Bend for more than a year (CASE 65) and Left Leg Heel Swollen for about 2 to 3 weeks. I contacted him again on 11 April and I am so happy that he informed me that both these issues no longer trouble him πŸ™‚ Only one session of BQRT was performed for both the issues mentioned here.


BQRT Testimonial Case 69 Cannot Sleep Well


Here is another Testimonial which I received on 6 August 2017 (more than 3 months after I first helped him using BQRT) and I am extremely grateful to him for taking the trouble to write a freaking comprehensive testimonial with many kind words.
This generous gentleman bought me lunch at Westin KL 5 Senses and taught me that we can get 40% to 50% off the total bill with our Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve. You must try their XO Fried Rice which is really yummy.
This gentleman was a light sleeper and if he was to be awaken during the night, he will have problems going back to sleep………. until I “treated” him using Blocked Qi Release Technique back in April 2017
We last met up in mid July and he told me that he now has no problems sleeping, so I asked for a Testimonial and he said to give him time. Now I know why he needed sometime to write the testimonial for me, it is because he covers from the time he first benefited from reading my articles at my old finance blogs, hahaha.
He also brought a friend when me met up again sometime in June for the second time. His friend was experiencing inner ear problems which can cause loss of balance leading to dizziness and even vomiting. So I treated his friend using both Blocked Qi Release Technique and Wellness Medical Qigong. When we met up again in mid July, his friend was better πŸ™‚
And as most of you guys know, I don’t know Mandarin and therefore I had to use Google Translate where the translation is far from perfect but we get the idea, hahaha.

BQRT Testimonial Case 69 Cannot Sleep Well translate English



BQRT Testimonial Case 74 May 2017

On, 8th May 2017, I insisted at my Facebook Account that my “Friends” read my Introduction To The Inner Qi [Life Force] Project article and I am glad I did so. The above gentleman was a Follower of my old finance blog and now a Follower of this blog. He was feeling unwell after his blood pressure dropped which normalized later. He contacted me via Facebook to seek my assistance; but, I was going out as I had an appointment with one o my best friend. Upon reaching my best friend’s house, I WhatsApp him to inform that I could help him anytime convenient to him or even there and then over WhatsApp Video Call. He then contacted me immediately and I performed Blocked Qi Release Technique for him over WhatsApp Video Call. I am so happy that his issue (Lightheadedness)Β  disappeared completely after the session. I asked for a Testimonial and he gladly gave me one on the same day.


BQRT Testimonial Case 77

The gentleman above has been a follower of my blogs for years and we met up on 10 May 2017 (Wesak – Public Holiday. Not 14 May as he mentioned in his testimonial above) at Mid Valley and he was game to try out Blocked Qi Release Technique on his Lower Back Discomfort. He experienced immediate relief after I completed the BQRT session.

And like I mentioned previously, a few sessions of BQRT may be required as the issue will reappear. A few days later, on 14th May 2017 (it was a Sunday after I finished my first Wellness Medical Qigong class), I messaged him via WhatsApp to ask his condition and he told me he was experiencing the discomfort to his lower back again. I offered to help him and he told me he was with a friend having dinner. I then told him that was not a problem, if he wants, I can perform BQRT there and then and he said OK. After I completed the 2nd session without even talking to him, I messaged him again via WhatsApp andΒ  felt immediate relief (scale of 4 to 2).

The above testimonial was sent to me on 27 May 2017, i.e more than 2 weeks after I first helped him of his lower back discomfort issue.

Here is what I would like to share with you guys, after I completed the 2nd session mentioned above, he even felt some “moving”Β  sensation to his back πŸ™‚ Below is a screenshot of the communication between us via WhatsApp.

BQRT Testimonial Case 77 Notes

CASE 78 & 79

Testimonial BQRT 78 79 and WMQ 4 5

I first helped this IT Professional using Blocked Qi Release Technique on 10th May 2017 on his Migraine and High Blood Pressure issues.

When I completed the Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment Technique Part I (there are 4 Parts) sometime end of May 2017, I immediately offered to help him once again on his issues (Migraine and Hign Blood Pressure), this time using Wellness Medical Qigong, and he happily accepted my offer. After I completed the Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment Protocols on his Migraine and Hign BP issues at his home, I taught him one of the many breathing exercises of Wellness Medical Qigong and I am happy that is has benefited him , i.e. not only his migraine is under control but he can fall asleep faster.



WMQ Testimonial Case 12 Right Heel Pain via WhatsApp


WMQ Testimonial Case 12 Right Heel Pain

I have known the above lady for few years. I initially helped her on her Right Heel Pain issue using Blocked Qi Release Technique on 2 occasions (6th May 2017 & 1st June 2017) where the scale of her pain did reduce by half (from 8 to 3.5).

I then treated her using Wellness Medical Qigong protocols on 26th June 2017. A week or so after treating her, I asked how’s her leg and she said better. I then asked for a testimonial, and she said okay. I thought it would be nice if she could give me one in Tamil and she said YES!!!

She sent me the above testimonial via WhatsApp on 27 August (a month after the treatment) to state that her Right Heel Pain has disappeared πŸ™‚ And not only that, her Shoulder Pain also disappeared!!!

I was not sure if she did a mistake or Google Translate did a mistake on the Shoulder Pain statement, so I WhatsApp her to confirm and below is her reply:

WMQ Testimonial Case 12 Right Heel Pain and Shoulder

To learn more about Wellness Medical Qigong, please click her to my Medical Qigong Page.


Blocked Qi Release Technique Testimonial Case 96 Waist Pain

On 2nd August 2017 at around 11pm Melbourne time, I received a WhatsApp message from a Friend/Follower, who resides in Penang), asking if I could help relief her waist pain that was spreading to her thigh. Of course I said YES and told her to give me 15 minutes.

She then video called me via WhatsApp and I told her that I was in Melbourne and only then did she realize that it was close to midnight for me and was very apologetic. From her facial expression, I could see that she was in pain.

I started off using Blocked Qi Release Technique to “treat” her issue and upon completion, she said the pain was reduced by 50%. I then asked if she would like to continue with Wellness Medical Qigong Treatment. However, she said it was not necessary as she already felt better and she “paiseh” as it was already close to midnight for me. As we were chatting, she further experienced improvement on her issue.

I then asked for a testimonial and she sent it to me almost immediately. I am so grateful that she contacted me, not only did she feel better after the healing session but I was also so happy that I was able to help her.

Another interesting thing, the first thing she asked me when she video called me was – did I do anything as she felt some relief after she messaged me (about 15 minutes before the video call). I said I only set my intention to heal her.

After she hung up and sent me the attached testimonial, it only occurred to me that before she video called me, out of gratitude I had set my intention to heal her using both BQRT and Medical Qigong AND I did visualize (call it a practice run) treating her waist pain up to thigh using Wellness Medical Qigong treatment techniques that I have learned. And I guess that is why she did experience some relief before she even video called me and my actions of treating her using Medical Qigong in my mind did contribute in her overall improvement.

CASE 109

Testimonial BQRT Case 109 Frozen Shoulder

In November 2017, while in Melbourne, I managed to catch up for lunch with a Primary & Secondary school mate whom I have not met for more than 20 years. And you know lah, my passion nowadays is to help people – so I asked if he has any issues that is troubling him. So happened he has β€œFrozen Shoulder” for the past 25 years where he could not lift his arm beyond shoulder height without any pain. An orthopedic surgeon advised him to have surgery. So I performed Blocked Qi Release Technique (BQRT CASE 109) on him in the restaurant itself and later in the evening he was amazed with the results.



I would like to thank all those who have taken the trouble to write the above TestimonialsΒ  as it shows their gratitude where their issues have improved for the better and as such living a better quality of life πŸ™‚


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